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Liver Spots on Legs

Know the causes of liver spots on legs through this story, that in some way cause emotional distress to a person. Also, leaf through the solutions so that you could enjoy the inevitable signs of aging.
Fatima Rangwala
Many times, in the field of medical science, certain names that appear as a disease or a symptom, doesn't entail the exact meaning to those words. Here, liver spots have nothing to do with liver problems whatsoever.
They are age spots on skin or solar lentigo, usually occurring with increase in age, also occurring when the melanin (a substance which gives your skin its color) clumps together excessively in specific areas of the skin, giving an appearance of a brown spot.
Usually, it's noticed that people who are above the age of 30 get them on the skin. The main cause is the skin getting an over-exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun.
These spots are harmless patches of hyper-pigmentation, which are characterized by flat, round, painless spots that are developed on the hands, face, arms, shoulders, legs, feet, and mostly any sun-exposed areas of the body.
Due to the summer heat, the arms and legs are the parts of the body, which are often uncovered, and hence they get exposed to the sun. This is what causes liver spots on legs and brings up the issue of this unexpected speckle.

Liver Spots on Parts of the Body

These spots that are caused on different areas of the body, are known to be painless, rash free, and it's observed that their locations on the body fluctuates.

Spots on Legs

They may occur over a period of time due to aging, or perhaps due to possession of some genetic predispositions. When our skin is overexposed to the sun for a long period and remains unprotected, the melanin accumulation in either the dermal or epidermal of the skin increases.
In this manner, melanins get multiplied, and they all come together forming clusters. This activity is high in places where melanin is present. These are better known as freckles. Such clusters of melanin are known as brown spots on skin.

Spots on Ankles and Thighs

Blotches can come about on your inner thighs, near your groin, on top of your feet, or may be around your ankles. They are brownish red and can be lentigos (kind of freckle), which decolorizes the skin tone. They are brown or black spots on skin, which are caused by the same reason; 'the atrocious exposure of the sun'.
Mostly observed in people with dark skin tone or if they are observed in fair skinned people, it may occur due to genetic issues. Although they show symptoms like darkening and dryness in the infected area, they do not single down to a particular area.
  • The oxidizing free radicals produced from the sun's rays builds up lipofuscin in your body, which eventually darkens the skin pigment. You can eradicate them by using simple sunscreen lotions before you go outside.
  • Use antioxidants which have vitamin C, retinol or azelaic acids present in them.
  • Acidify the pH balance of the skin and enhance the collagen synthesis for the growth of new cells.
  • Under an appropriate guidance, you can undergo a laser treatment for the exfoliation of the skin.
  • Avoid the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Take proper precaution by wearing hats or long-sleeved clothes and apply skin creams if you plan to get tanned.
  • Drink plenty of water everyday, and scavenge on fried and processed food by maintaining a nutritional healthy diet.
Although these blotches do not cause much harm to the body, just be a little skin conscious and consult a dermatologist to totally uproot it.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.