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Liquid Makeup for Older Women

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Liquid makeup for the older women basically aims at hiding the flaws due to aging, and making them look beautiful and younger. This BeautiSecrets article presents to you, some valuable information about the liquid makeup along with a few helpful tips for its application.
Entering your forties does not necessarily spell the end of the desire to look beautiful and try out new products. In fact, it is at this age, when makeup becomes a necessity and not a mere tool of enhancing your beauty. However, the makeup for older women differs from the one for younger women, in a number of ways.
Not only the makeup has to be classy and graceful, but it should also hide the obvious signs of aging. Liquid makeup meant particularly for older women does just the same. Along with rendering a youthful appearance, it also camouflages wrinkles and fine lines.

Liquid Makeup for Older Ladies


While using a foundation, it is always best to go for water-based or gel foundation. Use your fingertips to spread the foundation evenly on your face. Liquid foundation moisturizes the skin, which tends to get dry in elderly females. It also keeps the skin hydrated and thus, reduces the appearance of fine lines. Powder foundations enhance the wrinkles, hence it is better to steer clear of them.


Cream blush is effective for older women, as it blends well with the foundation and creates an impression of smooth skin. Also, blush should be selected in neutral, pink, or peach shades. These shades give a youthful appearance and also exude elegance and class. Darker shades make you look older than you are.

Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow should also be cream-based, as it smoothens the creases above the eyelids. Eyes, or the region surrounding them is the first to show the signs of aging. Hence, eye makeup should be done with extreme caution. Stick to safe colors of eyeshadow such as pink or gray, which soften the gray hair. A liner and mascara in dark color can be used to complete the look.

Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrows begin to fade and the hair become sparse, when you grow older. Hence, you should use powder or gel to define them. However, choose the color that matches with your natural hair color.

Lip Color

Lips often become thinner, dried, and lack shine as you grow old. Lip gloss can create an illusion of fuller plumper lips. Use a lip color that has moisturizer and ingredients like vitamin E to nourish your lips. You may also choose to apply an anti feathering lip primer to avoid feathering. Again, refrain from using wild and vibrant lip colors. Pink, berry, coral, or peach shades look good on older females.

Important Tips

  • As mentioned before 'class' is the keyword when it comes to the makeup for old women. Remember, your makeup indicates the class you come from, hence, always be careful with it.
  • Instead of going for the color or appearance of the product, look at the ingredients and settle for those, which have natural ingredients.
  • Always go for quality products, even though they might come at an extra price.
  • When you are old, the old adage 'less is more' applies while wearing makeup. Heavy or pan cake makeup will give you a gaunt and sullen look. Hence, always go for a minimalist look.
  • Avoid using, shiny, shimmery look, as it looks gross on older women.
  • Along with makeup, it is equally important to select right clothes and accessories. Go for clothes that suit your age, profession, and looks. You cannot afford a fashion faux pas at this age.
The last and the foremost important thing one needs to remember at ripe age, is that you only need makeup to feel good and confident about yourself, and not to impress anyone. This is a stage where you have already carved a niche for yourself and nobody is going to judge you by your appearance.