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Liquid Foundation Makeup

Kalpana Kumari
The following article gives you some useful information on how to select and apply a liquid foundation. Go through it to get some great tips on its usage.
Foundation is a type of cosmetic, which forms the base of a good makeup. There are mainly three types, viz. cream, powder, and liquid. The purpose of using any type is to get a flawless finish and make the skin appear perfect. However, the given result is observed only upon applying it the right way.
This is, in turn, possible, only when you have a correct knowledge of your skin type and tone, and the type of foundation which may suit it. Once, you have the required knowledge, you have to get one that suits you best.

How to Select the Perfect Shade

Liquid foundation is easy to apply in comparison to other types. It does not leave an easily visible effect. Because of these reasons, it is generally used by women for daily purposes. Since you are going to use it regularly, you need to be careful while choosing it. The task of selecting the best one for yourself can become easier if you have some basic knowledge about it with respect to skin type.
Liquid foundation makeup are formulated differently for different skin types. They come in oil-based formulas for dry to normal skin while in water-based formulas for oily skin. The specificity of liquid formula is usually mentioned on its commercial pack. Nowadays, even organic ones are available.
Do check for it before buying one for yourself. You must be aware of the fact that it is very important for a foundation to blend with your skin tone, and then impart a brighter appearance. If it doesn't, you may end up with a caked look and let others know about your makeup secrets.
Thus, be careful while selecting the right shade for your skin tone. Most foundations come in pink, yellow, and orange-based formulas. Majority of the women find yellow-based formula to be suitable for their skin tone.
While selecting the color of a liquid foundation makeup, test it on your jawline, and never on your hands or wrist as your face and neck usually differ a bit in skin tone from the rest of the body part. A foundation is suitable for your skin tone if it blends well with the skin color of the jawline.
For example, if your complexion is somewhat ivory or beige, start applying it on the neck with a brush and smoothly move up to the face. This will help you get the best match. Similarly, if you have a bronze skin tone, start putting it on the cheeks, moving to the jawline and then down to the neck.
Now, look at yourself in a mirror. If it has given you a smoother, brighter, flawless look, it is the right one for you. The one which suits your skin type and tone well, will prevent you from getting a shadowy painted look.

How to Apply?

Applying foundation is an art. To gain expertise, you have to practice the correct way. Here are the basic instructions on how to apply it. Prepare your skin so that you can do the entire task comfortably and get the expected result without harming it. Apply a thin layer of a good quality moisturizer that suits your skin.
If you have to go out in sun, use one with sunscreen to give your skin protection from the sun's rays. Place a small amount of liquid foundation on your middle or ring finger. Do not use your index finger as it won't give you a deft touch. You may use a makeup sponge or brush to put it on.
Use a clean sponge every time you have to use the foundation. However, applying it with fingers will provide maximum coverage in addition to minimizing the wastage of this beauty product.
Apply it with either your finger or a sponge, in a small circular motion. Start from the forehead and move downwards. Make sure that the color dissipates in a natural way as you approach the neck. Do not apply it on the inside corners of your eyes and the area right below the eyes.
It may be damp for a couple of minutes. Allow it to air dry. Relax in the meantime. The patience will be well paid off while applying the rest of the cosmetics.
If you are going out, have to stay there for long, and wish to remain fresh for long; you can make use of a great makeup tip. Apply a thin line of liquid foundation underneath your eyebrows. Let it dry, and then cover it with a similar shaded eyeshadow. It will seize the eyeshadow.
This combination will act as a guard against sweating apart from giving you a sharper line for your eyebrow pencil. With all the given tips and techniques on applying liquid foundation, you are sure to look stunning everyday. Practice well to achieve best results.