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Lipstick Colors for Olive Skin

Olive skinned women are very lucky as they can opt for many lipstick shades. From dusky pinks to intense corals, they can choose any lipstick color that flatters the skin tone.
Saptakee Sengupta
Olive complexion can be defined to be ranging from medium brown to slightly darker than wheatish. Women blessed with olive skin can try varied shades of lipsticks because the skin tone being neither dark nor fair, blends smoothly with any lip color.
Olive skinned women can wear deep berry tones as well as intense shades of orange and red. If it is pink that you like, then there are also many options from fuchsia pink to watermelon.
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Lipstick Color Ideas for Olive Skin Tone
Nude Lipstick Shades
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Matte shades of nutmeg, chestnut and almond are extremely classy. Try the nude shades during daytime. Shades of brown and bronze are warm and they complement well in an olive skin.
Red Lipstick Shades
Red lipstick is a favorite among many women as it spells power and sophistication.
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Red lipstick shades with a warm undertone works well for olive skin tone.
Pink Lipstick Shades
Women with olive skin tones should try pink lipstick shades that have a warm or yellow undertone.
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Rose pink, dusty pink and orangey pink looks good on olive skin. Also avoid frosted lipsticks as it makes your complexion look shallow and washed-out.
Berry Lipstick Shades
Rich shades of berry render an extremely seductive look to the lips. Wine, plum, berry and raisin make lips look visibly juicy.
You can also pick up copper and magenta shades if you have a warm undertone.
How to Choose a Lip Color
Try the tester on your palm before buying the final product. There's no as such convention for choosing lipstick colors. Make sure that the shade you have applied complements with your makeup and costume. During day hours, pick up neutral shades and you can go for a matte finish.
Your lips will look pleasing even if you have adorned them with a nude gloss of hue ranging from beige, pink and peach.
In the evening you can highlight your lips with bold colors like auburn, crimson, brown, etc. A shimmering gloss applied over the base color is another option to enhance the beauty of lips.
Always outline your lips with a lip liner of same shade before applying the base color on your lips. A blending brush always gives a perfectly smooth finish. Make sure that the base color doesn't come out from the edges of your lips.
I hope now you can pick up the right shade for your lips. Apart from all these, you can also go for neutral makeup to accentuate your complexion. Adorn your lips beautifully, apply the makeup perfectly and keep looking gorgeous.