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Lip Plumper Ingredients

Rimlee Bhuyan
A lip plumper is a kind of cosmetic that makes the lips appear fuller and softer. Before using one, it is wise to know about the ingredients in it.
All women crave to have softer and fuller lips as they make one look more attractive. But, not everyone can claim to have Angelina Jolie's pout, and in an effort to get what one has not been endowed with, most women take the help of a lip plumper. This cosmetic product is very different from that of a lipstick or lip stain.
Lipstick gives you the perfect color for your lips, but cannot enhance the shape. Although there are many lipsticks that claim to make them appear puffy, either by virtue of their color or because of light reflecting particles like mica or glitter, this is, ultimately, just an illusion. For a more permanent solution, most women resort to a lip plumper.
This product does not simply make your lips appear fuller, but it actually claims to plump them up and make them physically much puffy. It gives them a bee-stung effect by irritating their tissues. This, in turn, makes them swollen and red, giving the wearer fuller-looking lips.


Lip plumper products are usually found in the form of a lip gloss, and they generally contain light reflecting particles, with a shimmery finish to give the appearance of fuller lips.
They can be either tinted or transparent, and their ingredients always contain irritants, either natural or chemical. These irritants come in contact with the lips and cause slight swelling. This gives the sensation of stinging that causes the tissues of the lips to fill with blood, giving them a swollen and just kissed appearance.
The amount of irritants that this product contains varies from product to product, and those that contain a high degree of irritants cause maximum plumping effect.
Although you might be tempted to purchase one that contains maximum degree of irritants, it might cause harm to the delicate tissues of your lips. So, is it bad for your lips? Well, some people who have sensitive skin seem to suffer from lip peeling and chapping after using strong ingredients.
Some common ones include capsaicin, peppermint oil, caffeine extract, cinnamon extract, menthol, camphor, ginger extract, wintergreen, and chamomile, which aid to produce a lip swelling effect. These ingredients irritate the lips, which temporarily makes the blood rush to the lips to give them a plumper and fuller effect.
To reduce discomfort due to their application, others that have a soothing effect are added to them. Some of these include jojoba oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, honey, and vitamin E.
A very important thing to remember, while applying a lip plumper, is to make sure that you are not suffering from cold sores, or peeling in your lips because it can cause stinging and pain. You should also start with a milder formulation, just to make sure that you are not allergic to it. Too much use over a period of time can cause lip ulcers and dryness.
As this product is available in different shades, opt for one that goes with your skin tone, and has a shimmer or glitter particles in it. Choose the one with ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin B, jojoba, and peptides, as it nourishes and moisturizes the lips, and prevents them from chapping and peeling.
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