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Lighten Hair with Lemon Juice

Deepa Kartha
Though having a light hair color has become a trend, many do not realize that regular use of artificial colors can be damaging. Lemon juice, being a natural method, is comparatively safer. This story talks about how this home remedy works.

Methods of Application

⇒ Mixing water with the lemon juice is considered to be the best option. Squeeze the juice out of two lemons in a bowl, and add 1 quart of water into it. Apply it evenly on your hair, and expose it to the sun. The acid in the lemon works with the UV rays of the sun, and fastens the process of lightening the hair color.
⇒ Another method is to directly squeeze the lemons on the scalp, and distribute it evenly by combing the hair.
⇒ If you have naturally blond or light brown hair, and want to give it a bright yellow or golden color, you have to apply lemon juice mixed with honey, dried rhubarb, and chamomile flowers.
⇒ If you just want to highlight certain strands of your hair, prepare the lemon-water solution, and store it in a spray bottle. This way, you can apply it to a selected few strands.
⇒ Some people suggest that you can blow dry your hair instead of exposing it to the sun. However, this is not an effective method, as the UV rays are an important factor in this process.


As lightening hair with lemon juice is a natural process, it actually takes a long time to show visible results. The first time you apply the solution, you will only find a slight difference in your hair color.
Hence, it requires regular application till you get the desired outcome. Afterwards, you can merely apply the solution once in a while, to maintain that color.


As lemons are acidic in nature, there are chances that the hair becomes dry and brittle, especially in the case of dark-haired people or brunettes. To avoid this, it is better to apply lemon juice on hair that is unwashed, dirty, or oily. Such hair contains natural oils which will prevent it from becoming too dry.
It is also important to wash the hair with a good shampoo and conditioner an hour post the application. As much as is possible, see to it that you avoid overuse of lemon juice in the attempt to get lovely blonde hair.


One thing that you have to remember is that lemon juice is not effective in hair that is already colored. If you have colored it previously, you will not see any results. Moreover, this method is said to be effective only on people who already have dishwater blond or light brown hair. Brunettes and people who have very dark hair, will not find the same effect.
Nevertheless, if you still want to try it, you can apply concentrated lemon juice on strands of hair to gain unique, orange-colored strands. You may also read more about how to lighten hair naturally.
Such natural methods will help you avoid the side effects of artificial hair coloring treatments. They ensure the durability of the density, as well as natural gloss of your hair.