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Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Pragya T
Light brown hair with blonde highlights is a very good combination and can make any hair type or style look stunning. Here are some useful hair coloring tips on blonde highlights with light brown hair...
Brown hair is a common hair color. There are many shades of brown hair, one can have very dark brown hair which can look close to black color. Then there are light shades of brown hair that can come close to shades of blonde color.
Light brown hair is a warm shade of hair color that can go with many other hair colors. One can try out light brown hair and blonde highlights and lowlights with it, or go with shades of golden highlights in dark brown hair.
However, whenever going for any blonde/golden hair highlights in brown hair, make sure you select the appropriate shade of blonde, so that brown and blonde merge nicely with each other.
Let us take a look at some factors like choosing the right color, while styling light brown hair with golden highlights that will not only accentuate your hair but also your style quotient.

Light Brown-blonde Hair Color Compatibility

Brown is a warm color and blonde too is a warm color. Hence, it is very easy to blend these two colors. However, selecting the right shade of blonde is still important to get a subtle and natural hair effect.
People who fall in warm skin category are people with brown skin tone with pink or golden undertones, ruddy complexion, pale complexion with peach or golden undertones, or a freckled complexion. The eye color can be golden brown, greenish blue, green, or hazel with brown or golden colored flecks.
People who fall in this category can go with golden-brown streaks, or blonde streaks which can be of bright shades of blonde like honey, golden blonde, yellowish blonde, sandy blonde, or even shiny strawberry blonde.
Avoid going for ash-colored or pale shades of blonde hair highlights. Get minimum 8 streaks of blonde highlights done in your hair and maximum 12. Also, a thin layer under the bangs should be colored so that the bangs also look nicely textured.

Adding Lowlights

Just like highlights you can also consider getting lowlights to add more textured effect with hair coloring. Select a shade for lowlights which is 2 - 3 shades darker than your original hair color, that is light brown hair color.
If you select a light shade of lowlights then they won't be visible enough and might not give the intended textured hair color effect. Though, it is possible to streak your hair using foils at home, it is important that you approach a stylist while getting lowlights done.

Hair Care Tips

To style your hair, shampoo your hair and then apply a conditioner to your hair. Make sure you use products that are especially made for colored hair.
After washing your hair, comb your hair in the way the haircut is supposed to be styled. Then use a blow dryer or let the hair dry naturally. If you are using a hair straightener, then make sure you use enough serum on hair before straightening them.
To maintain your colored hair longer, avoid exposing them to sunlight.
So, select the right shade of blonde highlights and accompany your colored hair with a good haircut and enjoy your new look!