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Lemon Juice for Freckles

Rohini Mohan
Did you know that using lemon juice for freckles helps lighten them to a great extent? It's seems too good to be true, but the fact is that lemon is actually an extremely effective natural remedy against melanin pigmentation...
Freckles are nothing but concentration of melanin which cause pigmentation and comparatively darker spots on the skin, and are found only in people with a fair complexion. The reason being that, the fairer the skin the lesser melanin it contains, which is naturally brown in color.
That being said, freckles are a genetic predisposition, which is why it affects some people more than others. They are caused by the (MC1R) melanocortin-1 receptor gene. However, it is not a condition found at the time of birth, but develops over the years, especially before attaining puberty because of prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Those who have freckles must try to shield their skin from excessive exposure to sunlight because, sunlight over activates the melanocytes which goes on to increase the level of melanin on the skin. Fortunately, those who are having trouble dealing with this problem can try certain natural herbal remedies at home, which help lighten the freckles.

How to Use Lemon Juice for Freckles

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent because of which it will aid in lightening the freckles, but will never be able to make them disappear. The citric acid works on the skin to make it lighter. However, being a natural substance, it will take time to show positive results.
Nonetheless, lemon juice is excellent for the skin in general, and will ensure that your skin is cleared of acne, dryness, and wrinkles. It also gives a natural radiance to the skin, and works well for reducing dark under eye circles and scars. Here are some tips for using lemon juice for reducing freckles.

Step 1

It is not recommended that you apply concentrated lemon juice directly on the skin. The reason being that it has strong amounts of natural citric acid, which tends to sting the skin when applied directly.
Some people are allergic to topical application of citric acid, therefore you must test it on your skin before trying out this natural remedy. Many fear that applying lemon juice will cause acne or rashes to break out, while others fear that the juice will burn and itch the skin.
It is advisable to first test the potency of the juice on a patch of sensitive skin, such as the crease where your elbow folds, or the undersurface of your chin or behind the ear. If all is well and you feel no discomfort, you may apply the juice fearlessly.
However, if the stinging is too severe, try avoiding this remedy all together, as you may be allergic to the acidic nature of the juice.

Step 2

Firstly you will need to cleanse your skin with a mild facial scrub / body lotion. Wash off the scrub / lotion with lukewarm water.
Mix the juice of one lemon with 2 teaspoonful of glycerin, or pure honey, or some rose-water.You will need to use double the amount of lemon juice and honey, if you have freckles all over your shoulders, arms, neck, chest, and back. Mix the concoction well before applying it on your skin.
Apply the lemon lotion evenly all over your freckles, and massage the paste onto your skin. Leave this homemade lotion on for an hour or lesser if you cannot stand the prickling sensation. However, 30-45 minutes of this treatment each day, would serve you well and prove effective in 3-4 weeks.
Some people have found that leaving the juice on the face and neck throughout the night, helps lighten the skin faster. You may practice this remedy every night or every other day.

Step 3

Do not go outdoors after applying this concoction as it may cause itching, and further tanning of the skin.
The objective is to protect yourself from further exposure to sunlight which aggravates the freckles. Allow your skin to dry completely, after which you may wash off the lemon and honey paste with lukewarm water. You must not use any kind of soap to wash off the lemon juice.

Step 4

Lemon juice has a tendency of making the skin feel dry.
Therefore, you must apply generous amounts of sunscreen on your skin to keep it moisturized and to protect it from getting tanned. Sunscreen is crucial for people with freckles, because it helps in preventing the spots to aggravate and spread.
While you cannot completely avoid the sun by staying indoors during summers, you must always use a 30+ variant of sunscreen in order to protect your skin. It takes time for lemon juice to show any substantial results, and may take about 4-6 weeks until you notice any drastic changes.
What you can be assured about, is that this natural herbal remedy will not cause any side effects, unlike skin whitening creams, or surgery.
You must also realize that no matter how diligently you apply the juice, if you allow yourself to get exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods during the day, the results are going to be disappointing and you will find it increasingly hard to get rid of freckles through natural, and cost-effective methods.
Many cosmetic brands use lemon extracts because its quality of lightening scars and preventing as well as reducing acne outbreaks. Therefore, you must not worry about the effectiveness of lemon juice for skin.
Applying lemon juice on freckles, does not make the condition disappear, but it definitely helps the dark spots lighten out to a large extent. In case you wish to go in for commercially sold lemon juice, make sure it does not contain added preservatives, as these won't be as effective as a real lemon.