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Stunning Layered Hairstyles With Side Swept Bangs

Pragya T
Layered hairstyles with side swept bangs look great and are very popular. Discover the various ways to get these styles, both for men and women, through this write-up.
Layered hairstyles suit almost all face shapes and hair types. They help add or reduce volume to the hair. Also, with layering, they can be styled in many ways. Accompanying layers with bangs is the perfect match. Here are various layered hairstyles with side bangs for different hair lengths.

Short Hairstyles

Women, when it comes to short hairstyles with bangs, like to go with the flipped-out hair look. For this style, the hair is cut into layers so that the ends look flipped out. Then, the front hair is cut into side swept bangs, and the hair is parted sideways.
Another way to get short layered hairstyles with bangs is to style the hair messy. These styles suit both men and women. They suit people who have wavy or curly hair; however, people with straight hair can style their hair wavy to get these styles.
Get your short hair cut into layers, with some side bangs cut too. Then, on wet hair, apply a curling hair serum and tousle your hair, and place the front hair sideways. Let your hair dry naturally.

Medium Hairstyles

For medium layered hairstyle, get the Zack Efron style with bangs and layers. Opt for a bowl cut, with the back hair kept long. The hair at the sides is cut tapering, and placed in front of the ears. The front hair is cut into side swept bangs. Then, the hair is cut into choppy layers, and a razor is run for the sleek hairdo look.
For medium hair, get some layers cut near the crown, so that it adds volume. Get deep layers for the rest of the hair, with the bottom hair cut to add a tapering hair end look. Then, accompany side sweeping bangs to this style. If you have wavy or curly hair, then there is no need to style the hair.
However, if you have straight hair, then style your hair wavy. On wet hair, apply a curling hair serum, except on the bangs, and then scrunch the hair. Let your hair dry naturally. And voila! You will have instant beach wavy hair.

Long Hairstyles

Men looking for layered hairstyles with side swept bangs for long hair can consider getting the Keith Urban hair look.
You will need to get your hair cut into deep layers, with all the hair ends flipped outward and cut choppy. Then, the front hair is cut into long side swept bangs.
Women can go for a chic looking long layered haircut with bangs. For this, middle part your hair and get it cut into deep layers starting from the chin or a bit above and till the ends. Now style the back hair inwards and front hair into side swept bangs. However, this style looks cute with blunt side bangs.
So, pick a style which you like the most, and go to a stylist to get it done. Maintain your style by getting a trim every few weeks.