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Fantastic Layered Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Pragya T
Layered hairstyles for thick hair make perfect styles, as they can help to reduce the volume, and give a completely new look to the hair. This HairGlamourista article lists various hairstyles suitable for all kinds of hair lengths.
Layered hairstyles are great for many hair types and hair lengths, because with layers you can add volume, as well as decrease volume. Hair should be cut in such a way that it suits your face shape, and also makes it more manageable. A razor cut accompanied with layered styles works best.

Short Length

There are many ways to cut thick short hair into layered styles. Men looking for such styles can get the Zac Efron look. For this style, the hair is cut into a bowl cut, with the back hair kept longer.
The side hair is also kept long, with a thick hair strand cut tapering, and placed in front of each of the ear. The front hair is cut into long side swept bangs. Then the hair is cut into choppy layers. For a sleek look, the stylist will run a razor, to get rid of the bulk of the hair.
Women's layered hairstyles, the hair near the crown is cut into a short stacked bob style. The most popular short style for women is the outward flipped style. For this look, the stylist will cut your hair into deep layers, in a way that they look flipped outwards. This style looks great with side swept bangs.

Medium Length

Men looking for medium hairstyles can consider getting the Keith Urban style. You will need to cut the hair into deep layers, with the hair ends styled to flip outwards, and the hair length maintained just touching the shoulder. For softening this look, the front hair is cut into side swept bangs.
Women have many options when it comes to getting medium layered haircuts for thick hair. A simple way is to part your hair sideways, and cut it into side bangs. Then cut the bottom hair into few layers.
Run a razor to get rid of the bulk. Don't blow dry, but style it straight by combing and using serum. Women with naturally curly or wavy hair, or those who want to sport a curly look can use these ideas.
Get some layers near the crown, and deep layers at the bottom. Cut the hair ends in such a way, that they all look tapering. Then cut the front hair into side swept bangs. If you have straight hair, then apply a curling serum on wet hair, and scrunch it to get instant wavy style.

Long Length

Women with long and thick hair can have trouble maintaining it. However, with a nice but simple style, you can enjoy a new look, that can be maintained easily.
Partition your hair in the center, and get layers in the hair, with the hair ends flipped inward. Then take the front section, and cut it in side blunt bangs for a cute look.
Women with thick and curly or wavy hair type, can get long layers with bangs. Middle part your hair, and get it cut in layers. Cut the bottom hair for a tapering look, so that the hair locks look separated. Then take the front hair, and style it in Cleopatra style bangs. This gives a nice bohemian look.
Get an appointment of a professional to get a good haircut. To maintain your style, you will need to visit the stylist every three months.