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Layered Bob Hairstyles

Smita Pandit
The classic bob has evolved into a variety of sassy hairstyles over the years. Layered bob is one such variation of the timeless bob haircut.
It was in the 1920s that women took a fancy to the classic bob haircut. It continues to be in vogue due to its versatile nature. For styling hair in the traditional bob, hair needs to be cut straight all around the head approximately up to chin length, often with bangs in the front.
While there is a slim chance of the classic bob ever going out of style, hair can be styled into many other variations of bob just by altering the length, incorporating bangs or adding layers.

A-line bob, blunt bob, angled bob, inverted bob, stacked bob, asymmetrical bob and layered bob are some of the popular variations of the classic bob.
These hairstyles are timeless and remain a popular hairstyling option for women of all age groups.Bob hairdos are extremely versatile. No wonder, several Hollywood celebrities and fashion models continue to get their tresses styled in this hairdo.
Besides being incredibly stylish, most of these hairstyles are easy to maintain. If you are planning to don a bob, you can sport the short bob, chin-length bob or shoulder-grazing long bob. Adding layers is an interesting way to add a modern twist to the traditional bob.

Bob Hairstyles

If you have set your mind to having your hair styled in one of the trendy bobs, you have a great variety to choose from. So, do check the varied styling options and don't forget to consider your face shape and texture of your hair while you zero in on the bob style that will work well for you.
While women with round faces can sport long layered bob, those who have a nice jawline can sport a short bob. If you don't wish to cut your hair very short, a medium or a long bob with layers would be just perfect for you. In case of a long bob, the length of your hair will fall anywhere between your chin and shoulder.
Short bob haircut with layers can work wonders for women with thin hair. It can certainly impart a great texture and volume and give your hair a full-bodied look.
When it comes to hairstyles, one certainly needs to take into account one's face shape and the texture of hair. You could sport very short, short, medium or a long bob with layers. Short wispy layers with side swept bangs can certainly spice up your look.
This variation of bob works well for women who find it hard to manage long tresses. Heavy bangs with short razor-cut layers can also impart a whole new look to the classic bob. You can also sport a chin-length bob with an off-center part, with razor-cut face-framing layers.

Layered Bob

A bob with long layers in the front and shorter layers stacked in the back gives a well-defined weight line that gives a rounded shape. The cheek caressing bangs on the sides can really look sassy. You can also keep asymmetrical bangs. Medium choppy layered haircuts work well for women with angular faces.
If you have a long face, it would be a good idea to try the chin-length bob haircut. Many women are opting for side-swept bangs or flat bangs with this hairstyle. If you have a large forehead, you can go for Cleopatra bangs with angled layering.
The shoulder-grazing bob is a big hit with women who are not too keen on keeping their tresses very short. This is one of the best bob hairdos when it comes to women with round faces. If you have a round or a fuller face, you must get a haircut that will make your face look slimmer.
Layering would be required to style the hair and reduce the volume on the sides. It will give the effect of lifted crown or a rounded stacked effect at the back. This sleek cut is perfect for professionals. It is stylish and elegant. Those with straight hair can also sport asymmetrical bob or the graduated bob haircut.
If you have fine hair, you could try shag-like bob with layers. Hair can be cut with a razor to give texture to hair. A bob with deep layers and flipped ends also looks great.
While the classic bob is a sleek one-length haircut with well-defined contours, cutting hair in subtle or deep layers of varying lengths provides a whole new look that is sassy and stylish. So, if you have been thinking of sporting this hairstyle, don't wait any longer. Get your tresses styled in this sassy haircut and make heads turn!