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Layered Bob Haircuts for 2020 That Look Awesome

Tulika Nair
While it may not be the latest trend, but the fashion of getting layered bob haircuts continues and still remains a hot look. It may be just the style you should opt for this year.
Most women prefer to go for a haircut rather than therapy to combat depression. If you have long hair and are planning for a bob haircut, the layered bob is the style you definitely need to try.
Bob cuts have been on the list of popularity always. The reasons for it are less volume, less maintenance, and of course its simplicity. Another feather to add on the cap is that it is suitable to almost all face structures.

There are different bob styles which you can try according to your face structure and your hair type.

Curly Bob

If you have thin curly hair, this one is the best for you.
Suitable on round faces, this style though takes more time to create, but the result is amazing. Natural curly hair will add to your style. Highlighting will create a wavy appearance which will make you stand out of the crowd.

Rounded Bob with Wispy Bangs

This kind of hairstyle goes well on women with oblong or triangular shape faces.
Creates a good volume at the back since all the hair is well stacked. The two strands in the front encircles the face which creates a totally different look. Sharp bangs are recommended though wispy bangs can also be tried on. A total blue or white color will give you a pop star look.

Messy Bob

For the ones who love not to touch their hair often, this style is really meant for them. It creates a good voluminous structure, and can be performed on any kind of hairstyle. Straight hair is recommended.To look outstanding, you can also try to highlight them.

Asymmetrical Bob

An effortless bob. Try going for an angled cut or a textured one. These asymmetrical cuts create a wild look . Goes well with thick hair and ovalĀ  faces. No frequent brushing is needed. The texture adds to the beauty.

Short Stacked Bob

Hair is staked to the back end of the head.
It can be angled in the front or curly hair can be staked which gives a wavy appearance. It's easy and fast to achieve. Texture adds to the wavy appearance. A good party hairstyle, when applied with a shiny gel gives an elegant look.

Layers with Ringlets

This haircut with ringlets will give you a descent and sophisticated look.
Women with thin hair can surely go for this haircut, as it adds up volume to your hair. This haircut is best suited for women with round or heart shaped face. It has layers incorporated and its short layers around the chin will provide you a natural look.

Slightly Inverted Bob

A slightly inverted bob goes well with straight hair. The style is popular among teens.
A textured appearance can be tried. This haircut will go well for thin to medium density hair. A slight angle around the face will enhance your look. Also you can tie the hair into a slight ponytail when you are in hurry.
Opting for layered hairstyles, especially the layered bob haircuts that are so popular, can be a welcome change from the boring, monotonous hairstyles that everyone seems to wear.
Not only is a layered bob a great style that suits almost everyone, but it is stylish, modern, and easy to maintain. Opt to get a layered bob and be ready to welcome the admiring glances that you are sure to get as you walk past.