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Layered Bob Haircut

Pragya T
Bobs are low maintenance haircuts that never go out of fashion. But a simple, straight bob can get boring. Some interesting layers can give it a fashionable twist. This article lists some styling tips and ideas.
There are different types of bobs, the most popular ones are the angel bob, the graduated bob, and the layered bob. With a little change to your regular bob, you can add style and variation with a simple curling iron and blow dryer. Alternatively, you can get a layered bob from a salon.


There are different length and styles that you can give your base hair, and then cut the rest of the hair for a layered effect. You can either get a graduated bob base, or a uniform length bob as a base, which has a straight cut or a U-cut. You can also have it different lengths, it could be just below your ears, chin, or even neck.
After you get the base shape of your hairstyle, start cutting your hair in different length on the sides, front, and back. This will give your hair a layered look. In case you want a short bob, cut bangs in the front with fewer layers and sweep the hair to the side.


If you have not colored your hair and have retained your natural hair color, then you can consider adding highlights to your hair, which suit your eye color and complexion. You can also get your hair cut with a razor to give your hair an edgy and chic look.
Flip your hair outwards to add to the effect. You can straighten the ends of your hair with a flat iron in different directions for a choppy look. Remember to condition your hair appropriately to ensure that your hair is moisturized. Use heat protecting serums while using heat styling tools.

Styling and Coloring Tips

Try some of the ideas and tips below to create your own unique style.
  • With a curling iron or sea salt spray, you can add some curls for a soft but sexy look to this short hairstyle.
  • To give a bold look, you can accentuate your hairstyle with a blunt fringe, and style the rest of hair in waves or highlight them to add texture.
  • If the bold fringe is not your style, then go for some soft side bangs in the front section to give a soft wispy look. This also works very well for women with heart face shapes or large foreheads.
  • A curly bob hairstyle can be accompanied with some hair color ideas.
A layered hairstyle for African-American women can be accompanied with brown or copper highlights. Brunettes can go for honey or light blond shades.
  • To achieve a punk look, go for a very uneven, graduated bob. 
Make sure the hair on the sides of the face are uneven, and the hair is really short at the nape of your neck. Go for some bright highlights like hot pink, green, or purple.