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Large Nose Pores

Bidisha Mukherjee
Large pores on nose not only give a rough and uneven look to the facial skin but also increase the frequency of acne eruptions. Read this article to learn about the various simple options available that can help to get rid of these pores.
Women of all age groups are bothered with large facial pores. It is mostly found in those women who have oily or combination skin. These pores tend to appear on the nose because there are more number of oil glands in this region. You can also find them on other parts, such as forehead and chin. These have to be treated at the earliest or else, their size will keep on increasing. Then they are clogged up with dirt and oil and leads to problems, like blackheads and pimples.


Facial pores can be hereditary. That means, if any of your parents have these, it is likely that you will have them too. There are some other factors that can contribute towards this problem. They are
  • Overproduction of natural oils
  • Hormonal changes during puberty or menopause
  • Improper skin care regime
  • Excessive use of makeup
  • Eruption of acne
  • Drying up of the skin due to dehydration
  • Lack of nutrition in diet
When you have a problem with the pores, proper skin care will help to decrease their size to a great extent. The main steps are as follows:
Cleansing: As the pores are often caused due to overproduction of oil by the underlying sebum glands, regular facial cleansing removes the excess oil from the skin surface and shrinks the pores. It also prevents their clogging and reduces the chances of acne outbreak. Use a pore reducing face wash for this purpose. Rub it all over the face by moving your fingertips lightly in circular motions. Then wash it off with warm water.
Exfoliation: Skin exfoliation is important because it eliminates the dead skin cells from the facial skin and thus, any further enlargement can be stopped. It has other benefits like it smoothen up the signs of aging and makes the skin tone even. You must select a mild facial exfoliator and it should be used twice a week to yield maximum benefits.
Use Steam: This is an excellent way of deep cleansing the pores and remove the toxins clogged inside them. Take some boiling water in a large pan. Bend over the pan to get the steam of the boiling water on your face. Keep a distance of around 6 inches from the pan to avoid any burns. Cover the back of your head with a towel so that the steam remains entrapped near your face. Wait for 5 minutes to get steam all over the face. Do it once a week. Those who have blackheads can extract them easily by using pore strips, after steaming the face.
Face Tightening Mask: You should use a mask, twice a week to keep the size of the pores small. After cleansing the facial skin, spread the mask on the face with your fingertips and let it dry up completely. Once it has dried up, then damp it a bit with some warm water and rub a washcloth gently over the mask. Then rinse it off first with warm water followed by cold water. Lastly, apply a natural skin toner like tea tree oil on the face. The natural properties of the oil will shrink the pores and give you a smooth skin.
There are some other treatments that are done by professionals. One of them is microdermabrasion, where microcrystal particles are used to remove the topmost layer of the skin, and the pores look smaller. Chemical peels and laser resurfacing are the other two techniques that can resolve the problem. Deep pore cleansing treatment done by some beauticians or dermatologist can also help you in this regard.