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Japanese Hairstyles for Round Faces

Pragya T
There are many straight and curly Japanese hairstyles for women. Let us look at various Japanese hairstyles for women, and how to get these styles.
Japanese people tend to have jet black silky straight hair. They have stylish straight, choppy or wavy hairstyles which are often accompanied with bangs. Though, you might not have their hair type, you can still get a Japanese hairstyle. In this story we will look at the Japanese hairstyles for round face shaped women.
When choosing hairstyles for round face shape try to cut your hair in such a way that it adds to the height of your round face shape. This will make the round face shape look less prominent and make the facial features more attractive.

Japanese Hairstyles for Women with Round Face Shape

There are many ways to get Japanese hairstyles. However, it depends upon which kind of hairstyle you want. Do you wish to keep your hair looking straight and sleek, or do you wish to make them look uneven and choppy, or do you wish some wavy styles?
If you wish to keep your hair straight and sleek looking then you will have to maintain the hair well, so that it remains that way. A permanent way of getting straight sleek hair is hair straightening treatment. Japanese straightening treatment is very popular and can last up to 6-7 months.
Go to a salon which is famous for this type of straightening. Another way to keep your hair straight and sleek is by using deep conditioning and flat iron regularly. These are temporary methods but are milder than permanent straightening.
If you want the choppy hair look, then get some choppy layers in the hair. But, if you want to sport curly or wavy hair then consider a Japanese digital perm. This is actually a hot perm in which the hair are permed using special rods and a specific temperature heat is provided to the hair.
This gives soft wavy curls and not ringlet curls. The curls are more like angel waves. These waves give volume to hair. Digital permed hair is easy to style and you have to just comb your wet hair with fingers, and the hair after drying will have soft waves.
So, once you have selected the hair type select a style. You can go for a short edgy cut bob style. To get such a style, first cut the hair into a bob which you like. You can go for a blunt bob or an inverted bob. For a blunt bob the hair length remains same.
For an inverted bob the hair length is shortest near the back and longest on the sides. Get a super choppy cut bob and then add some side bangs to it. You can add sweeping side bangs or short blunt side bangs. You can also cut your bangs a bit uneven if you like.
Long hair styles look sexy and there are many variations of it. First get either your hair straightened or digital permed. If you have straight hair get some choppy layers and bangs. You can cut the hair into straight choppy layers and flip some hair inwards and some hair outwards for a messy look.
To cut the hair choppy the stylist will basically use a point cutting technique. In this technique, a hair section is hold at an angle, the scissor is tilted and the hair are cut to a point. This way the various hair sections are cut to get the choppy layers. With this style you can have side bangs or uneven choppy bangs.
With long wavy hair you can simply add few layers near the crown. This will add volume to the length of the hair, and thus make it look longer and less rounder. Cut the rest of the hair with a razor. To cut the hair with a razor the stylist will fix the razor in a tool.
Then the stylist will hold a section of your hair away from the head and start slicing the hair from the section bit by bit. This gives beautiful tapering locks. These wavy Japanese hairstyles accompany Cleopatra style bangs or uneven side bangs.
Before you cut your hair get your hair styled straight or wavy. Then, describe the stylist the haircut you want or get a picture of a Japanese haircut. So, get the Japanese style you want and enjoy the cute look. Good luck!