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Japanese Beauty Secrets

Sujata Iyer
This story will share with you some much sought after Japanese beauty secrets, which will throw some light on how Japanese women manage to look as radiant and glowing as they always do.
Any woman who has watched 'Memoirs of a Geisha' has sighed incessantly about the absolutely flawless and pristine beauty of the Japanese women in it. There's something absolutely stunning about the women, which makes them look serenely beautiful to an extent that makes it seem surreal.

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What are the Japanese beauty secrets that has kept their women looking so exceptionally beautiful, and continues to do so even today? Fortunately for us, these treatments are available at high-end beauty salons and some information about the kind of treatments you can expect are available in this BeautiSecrets article.
Find out how you too can get that radiant glow on your face and that flawless complexion, the Japanese way!
Seaweed: The Japanese are very particular about their cleansing. That's one of the reasons they do so many things to ensure that deep cleansing is one of the most widely followed beauty tips. To get that translucent glow on the face, they incorporate seaweed essence in their cleansers and toners to enhance their abilities.
Oranges: Have you pined for that fresh and sunny complexion that Japanese women have? Well then, all you have to do is increase the intake of vitamin C, oranges in particular, to reduce the melanin pigment from your skin and give you that bright, gleaming face!
Adzuki: Coming back yet again to the flawless skin on their faces, there's an ancient Japanese beauty secret that they use. Adzuki beans are crushed and the paste is rubbed on the face. This helps to keep the skin free from blemishes and also improves the smoothness of the face.
Rice Bran Wash: If you've been doing your homework, you'll probably already be aware of the fact that rice bran is used as a great way to refresh and rejuvenate your skin and also keep it from falling prey to the unflattering signs of aging. Yes, a rice bran wash or Komenuka works against wrinkles and dark circles, maintains the natural oils in your skin and helps you to look fresh and young all the time.
Wakame Kelp: This sea algae has sunscreen properties that when used, makes your skin safe from dirt, sun and pollution. Also, it gives your face a younger look by removing wrinkles and also reducing dark circles.
Nightingale Droppings: If you weren't aware of this, you're in for a rude shock. Yes, Japanese women have devised special facials which use the feces of nightingales, after drying them and sterilizing them (huh??). Apparently, this is supposed to be one of the best cleansing agents for your skin.
Goldfish: This one's a fairly common practice, but you must hand it to the Japanese for making a pedicure a truly unique experience. Hundreds of tiny fish nibble at your feet for about 15 minutes, eating away all the dirt and other excess material clinging to your feet, giving you clean and soft feet!
Bull Semen: Yes, you read it right. The semen of bulls is extremely rich in protein, which is an extremely essential part of a good deep conditioning regime for the hair. Don't worry, the semen is collected only from thoroughbred bulls (because that was the cause of your concern).
Silkworm Cocoons: The Chinese invented silk, and the Japanese decided to use the little worms' cocoons to beautify themselves. Silkworm cocoons are believed to be a great exfoliant for the skin. So, don't be surprised if the next time you visit your salon, you're asked if you'd like a silkworm body scrub!
While these might not be all the beauty secrets that the Japanese follow, they are definitely quite a handful. Find out if your salon uses any of these and get yourself that snowy, perfect complexion and those gorgeous tresses!