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Itchy Skin Around the Neck

Marlene Alphonse
Itchy skin around the neck or any part of the body is extremely annoying, since it triggers scratching, no matter where you are. Extremely itchy skin around neck can be quite distressing. However, this skin condition can be brought under control...
Being the most exposed organ in the body, the skin is plagued with a number of problems. The skin has to bear the brunt of changing weather conditions, pollution, allergens, skin infections and diseases etc. All these factors tend to make the skin lose its suppleness and give rise to dry itchy skin, which can be quite irritating. The areas which have skin folds like the neck, may be the most affected parts in the body. Let us discuss the reasons for itchy skin, also referred to as pruritus in medical parlance, around the neck and also the remedies, home as well as clinical, for the same, which will help bring down the irritation and itching sensation.

Causes of Itchy Skin Around the Neck

Several factors may trigger an itching sensation around the neck, and also on parts of the body which have skin folds. An itchy neck rash may also develop owing to continuous scratching.
  • Having a dry skin is one of the most common reasons that actuates itching sensation on the neck region. The dryness of the skin, seen especially during summer and winter, can lead to the appearance of cracks and scales on the skin which results from the loss of moisture.
  • Excessive sweating is also one of the triggers for itching sensation around the neck. When the sweat evaporates, salt deposits, along with dirt, are left back on the skin's surface. It can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens which may give rise to itching and irritation, due to clogged skin pores.
  • Prickly heat, especially during the summers can cause itching in the skin folds. The eruption is triggered due to humid weather, which accentuates excess sweating.
  • Inflammation of the skin as a result of contact with harsh chemicals, soaps, animal dander and pollen is also one of the reasons why some individuals may undergo this skin problem. This condition is known as contact dermatitis and is characterized by the appearance of hives, swelling and intense itching.
  • Suffering from skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis due to bacterial infection of the skin also leads to itching sensation not only on the neck skin, but also in the entire body, including the scalp. These skin diseases are mainly caused due to environmental influences and the signs are the eruption of scaly skin, itchy lesions etc. Scratching these lesions can lead to secondary bacterial infection, which may take a longer time to heal.

Home Remedies to Relieve Itchy Skin

Though considered to be a common problem, experiencing itchy skin around the neck, or for that matter anywhere on the body, can cause quite a hassle to the person suffering from it. The good news is that you can soothe this annoying condition with the use of certain home remedies, easily available.
  • One of the best ways to treat itchy skin is to prevent yourself from scratching the affected region. Scratching the rash can worsen the itching sensation and break the skin. So it is best to keep your nails trimmed so that it does not hurt the skin.
  • Drinking plenty of water and other fluids will maintain the suppleness of your skin and keep it hydrated. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent it from becoming dry and scratchy. For this you can apply generous amounts of moisturizer to the affected region.
  • Massage the region with olive oil or any other essential oil to soothe the smarting sensation and provide relief from it. Use oatmeal baths as it has an excellent effect on the itchy skin.
  • A mixture of rose water and glycerin is also an effective remedy. Apply this mixture at regular intervals over the rash for a cooling effect.
  • Applying antibacterial lotions will reduce the infection caused due to eczema and psoriasis. You can purchase these lotions from any pharmacy. The physician may also prescribe medications to control the spread of the rash and cure it completely.
  • Use warm water, mixed with tea tree oil, for bathing will control itching sensation. You can also mix other essential oils like jojoba oil, sandalwood oil or chamomile oil, since they have the same effect and treat itchiness.
  • Apart from all the above mentioned remedial measures, it is necessary to completely avoid the intake of alcohol and caffeine, prolonged exposure to the sun, and manage stress. Following a proper diet and skin care regimen will also be beneficial in keeping away skin problems like these at bay.
It is true that scratching the area may provide instant relief from the itching sensation, but it is only temporary. It may aggravate the condition and also introduce harmful germs, if the skin has opened up as a result of scratching. Visiting a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment for itchy skin around the neck is one of the best ways to address the problem for a long-term relief, in case none of the home remedies are effective enough.