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Itchy Scalp and Dandruff

Itchy scalp and dandruff are the two most commonly observed scalp problems. This story provides some information that will help you get rid of them.
Bidisha Mukherjee
According to dermatologists, dandruff is a fungal infection on the scalp caused by Pityrosporum ovale. It can be described as shedding of small, scaly skin cells from the scalp. The old cells from the top layer of the skin are constantly being shed and replaced with new ones.
Although one cannot notice this phenomenon when it occurs on most areas of the body, it may become more obvious on the scalp region as the hair traps the scaling skin. Dandruff leads to itching of the scalp, which ultimately leads to hair loss.
This condition can be triggered by both internal as well as external factors. The internal factors are poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, allergic reaction, mental stress, etc. The external factors are hair-care products like hair sprays, gels, hair color, hair-styling products, cold and dry weather condition, poor hygiene, improper rinsing of scalp after shampooing, etc.

Home Remedies

There is no medicinal treatment that can eliminate dandruff permanently. Anti-dandruff shampoos are often used to get rid of the scalp problem. However, as soon as one stops using them, the symptoms return all over again. Therefore, most of the people rely on various home remedies. Following are some of the most effective natural treatments:

Remedy 1

A hot-oil treatment once in a week is an excellent way to provide required nourishment to the scalp and make it healthy. Take some olive oil in a small bowl and heat it by placing the bowl in a saucepan of hot water. When the oil is warm enough, massage it on your scalp. Rub the oil all over the scalp by moving your fingertips in a circular motion.
Massage for 15-20 minutes, and then leave the oil on the scalp for one or two hours. After that, wash it off with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

Remedy 2

Soak one or two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a bowl of water overnight. Now, grind the seeds thoroughly to make a paste. Apply it properly on the scalp. Let the paste stay on the scalp for half an hour or so and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

Remedy 3

Beat two eggs in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of water into it. Now, apply the mixture on the wet scalp and hair. Keep the mixture on your head for the next 15 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. This remedy will also reduce the hair fall problem.

Remedy 4

Take a few teaspoons of oatmeal and soak it in water for half an hour. Mix it well before you strain out the liquid in a separate bowl. Put 3-4 drops of lavender oil into it. Take a rosemary stalk, chop it into pieces, and soak it into hot water. When the water becomes lukewarm, pour it into the oatmeal extract. Dab the mixture on the scalp and wait for 10 minutes. This will have a soothing effect on the itchy scalp.

Remedy 5

Apple cider vinegar is popularly used to cure this condition. Mix equal quantities of vinegar and water. Massage it on the scalp and keep it for an hour. Then rinse off your hair with a mild shampoo. This should be done twice or thrice a week.
Later, when you have overcome the problem, use the water-vinegar mixture for the last rinse after shampooing the hair. This will ensure that no residues of shampoo and conditioner is left behind.
Along with all the aforementioned remedies, you must eat healthy, nutritious foods to eliminate the possibility of poor nutrition. It is also important to keep the mind free from stress. It is advisable to stop using hair dryer in this condition as it tend to aggravate the problem.
Do not use any alcohol-based products on your hair as they tend to make the scalp more dry. If all these measures fail to show the desired results within a few weeks, it could be a more serious skin disorder like eczema or psoriasis for which you must consult a dermatologist.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.