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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Deepa Kartha
Laser hair removal has become popular due to its long-lasting effects. If you plan to go through it, you need to know about its safety and effectiveness. Learn more about these factors from the following post.
The need for getting rid of unwanted hair has led to the introduction of various body hair removal methods which include waxing, shaving, tweezing, threading, etc. Though all these methods are effective, they are not permanent; that is, one has to do these regularly in order to have a hairless body.
This is the reason why most people are attracted towards laser hair body removal method which helps in doing away with the unwanted hair permanently. However, not everyone is sure about the safety of this method. Before we look for answers, let us understand how laser can be used to remove unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal Method

Laser hair removal is done with an equipment that emits laser beams which are also known as invisible lights. These lights penetrate the skin and enter the hair follicle. By doing so, the laser light succeeds in damaging the hair follicle, making it impossible for it to grow hair again.
Though the laser light is transformed into heat when it reaches the follicle, it does not cause any harm to the skin. Moreover, the biggest advantage of laser hair removal is that it is customized according to the type of skin that is to be treated.
One question that many people ask is whether laser treatment is suitable for all types of skin. The answer to this question is quite vague. This is because the laser hair removal is effective in removing dark hair from fair skin, however, the same thing cannot be said for people who have dark skin, though the laser used for this is different from the former. On the other hand, till now, no laser has been found to remove body hair that is light or white.
An important thing that people need to know about laser hair removal is the time frame. Unlike other temporary hair removal methods, laser method cannot be completed in just one session. Rather, several sessions would be required to achieve the best results.
However, the time required to complete each session would depend on the area that is being treated. Small areas like chin, lip, etc., may take only a few minutes, while areas like hands, legs, underarms, etc., will take half an hour to one hour.
The cost of laser hair removal is quite high and would vary according to the area that is being treated. Also, it is not covered by insurance and hence, it is important to discuss the cost with the doctor before beginning the treatment.

Is it Safe?

Yes, the laser method is quite safe, if done by taking proper precautions. Most of the cases of infection and side effects are caused when people do it at home without consulting a doctor. One must understand that this method is not safe to be done by an amateur and must be done only by an experienced professional to avoid any kind of complications.
Another factor that makes people avoid this method is the fact that it is painful. One is likely to feel a slight stinging or burning sensation during the laser procedure. However, there have been cases where people have reported experiencing serious pain while getting laser treatment.
The pain may also persist for a day or two after the treatment and the skin may appear pinkish or sunburned. Nevertheless, people who are afraid of pain can opt for the application of topical anesthetic before the laser treatment. However, complications can arise if the numbing cream is applied either in excess or less than needed.
One of the reasons that can cause complications during the treatment is improper aftercare. The total time required for the laser treatment to complete is six weeks and in between every session, it is the responsibility of the individual to take proper care of the skin to protect it from infection and inflammation.
The doctor will recommend a specific aftercare regime according to your skin type which you must follow completely in order to reap the best results from the treatment. It is also important to protect one's skin from sun exposure during this period.
Other side effects of laser hair removal include lighter or darker skin, tanned skin, burns, swelling, etc. However, these are very rare and can be caused only if the equipment is not used correctly.

Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Many women during pregnancy find it difficult to use other methods of hair removal and hence, want to know whether laser treatment is safe during pregnancy. The answer to this is not clear because there are no adequate studies done to see whether laser has any effect on the fetus. Due to this, most doctors do not recommend pregnant women to go through it.
Looking at all these findings, we can conclude that laser hair removal is safe provided one takes appropriate precautions. So, if you are keen on getting a laser done, the most important step is to find a doctor who has an experience of doing it correctly.