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Is Glycerin Soap Safe?

Hemangi Harankhedkar
Glycerin soap is well-known for its gentle effect on skin. But are there any side effects associated with its use? Is it safe to use glycerin soap? Answers to these questions and others have been provided below.
Glycerin is a well-known personal care ingredient. You must definitely have seen it listed in the ingredients list of various products like toothpastes, hair products, shaving creams, and various skin care products like soaps and face wash. Glycerin soap is translucent in nature, and the alignment of the soap molecules gives this translucent feel to the soap. Since centuries, the soap has been used for its excellent nourishing and moisturizing properties.
Glycerin, in fact, is an essential ingredient in the making of majority of soaps. There are two major types of glycerin, vegan glycerin and animal glycerin. Vegan glycerin is a more purified form of glycerin as it is derived from plant sources. Animal glycerin, on the other hand, is derived from fat sources like lard and tallow. Both these kinds of glycerin are used in the making of soap.
Glycerin is well-known for its hygroscopic nature, which means it retains moisture to keep the skin hydrated for a long time. The moisturizing properties of glycerin work well for dry and sensitive skin. The use of glycerin based soap is recommended for all skin types. The soap is available in both liquid and bar form. It also possesses some anti-aging properties.

Is it Safe to Use Glycerin Soap?

Soap making is a complex process that makes use of various ingredients. To make the soap, the chief ingredient glycerin is derived by blending fat and lye together. The blending process is called transesterification and it leaves glycerin as a byproduct. The glycerin so obtained is in crude form and it requires filtration to use it as a soap base. The base along with various ingredients are then used to make a soap. The chief ingredients are lye, alcohol, sugar, moisturizers like cocoa butter, essential oils, dyes and herbs, and of course, glycerin.
Research suggests that there are no side effects of using this soap. Unless your skin is susceptible to allergies, a soap from a good brand will not cause any damage. In rare cases, the various ingredients in the soap can cause side effects on the skin. A high concentration of glycerin or an imbalance in other ingredients can lead to minor irritation of the skin. But one should note that majority of the soaps these days undergo stringent quality checks and so chances of any side effects from the use of the soap are minimal.
A soap also contains additives that give fragrance to the soap. Some people have allergy to these added fragrances, and it can lead to minor irritation of the skin. Is the soap safe for babies? Yes. The mild nature makes it a good option for a baby's skin too. Many veterinarians recommend its use for the pets. There are also people who use the soap for hair, which justifies its safety for hair.
Same theory goes for a vegan glycerin soap. The vegan glycerin is derived from plant oils like palm and coconut. Some people may have allergy to oils of palm and coconut and this can cause minor side effects in the person. Reactions and allergies are commonly associated with vegan soaps, but for majority of people it has not caused any major side effects.
It can thus be concluded that glycerin soap is extremely safe on skin. The soap doesn't lather much and leaves a smooth and moisturized feel to the skin. Lots of people use glycerin soap as a daily soap owing to its gentleness on skin. However, make sure to use a soap from a good brand for best results.