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Ion Foot Detox

Shashank Nakate
There is a lot of confusion over the credibility and effectiveness of ion foot detox. The facts presented in this write-up should help in understanding how effective this method is, from the point of detox...
The process of ion detoxification takes place by means of negative ion osmosis through pores of our feet. The machines used for ion foot detox bath make use of electrolysis process. The credibility of this detox method has been questioned by many.
False claims made about effectiveness of this method adds to the confusion. The ion foot detox review presented here should clarify some of the doubts that bother the users of this detox, and those who want to try it.

What is Ion Foot Detox?

The role played by negative hydrogen ion in detoxifying the body depends on the working of ion detox machines. These machines produce the negative hydrogen ions which help in maintaining the health of our body. Action of these ions on our body can be compared to that of antioxidants. The stressful lives that we live has an impact on our health negatively.
Most of the foods that we consume in today's times also don't do any good to improve our health; junk food affects our health to a great extent. The combined effect of unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyle (given that you do not exercise regularly) is that of accumulation of waste products in the body.
The waste products include different types of acids like the following: pyruvic, lactic, diacetic, acetic, carbonic, uric, hepatic, butyric, etc. This foot detox transfers negative hydrogen ions in the body which strengthen the organs and other systems.

Ion Foot Detox Machine

The ion foot bath machines come with an array that produces mild electric charge. This electric charge leads to the ionization of hydrogen. A current of minimum 13.26 volts is needed for ionization of hydrogen to take place. These machines generate a current that ranges from 19-24 volts.
The arrays that come with foot detox machines have two sets of plates. One of the plates is connected to the positive terminal, while other to the negative terminal. Currents flowing between the two plates initiates the ionization process. The negative hydrogen ions produced in this process are absorbed by the body through osmosis.

Benefits of Ion Foot Detox

  • The use of this foot detox rejuvenates the body and makes it fitter.
  • Effects of the foot detox on our body can be compared to that of drinking mountain spring water. However, it is not possible to have access to mountain spring water on a regular basis. Using this foot detox machine should therefore, be a better option.
  • Improvement in the functioning of body organs is observed by the use of this machine.
  • This electromagnetic detox helps improve the working of kidneys, liver and all the bodily systems in general.

Some Important Facts

  • Marketing of ion foot detox machines and the therapy often leads to the dissemination of misleading information. For example, the discoloration of water during an foot detox bath is believed to take place because of toxins released from the body. However, the release of toxins is not the only reason for accumulation of debris or water losing its color. 
  • Electrolysis is an important part of ion detox process. Corrosion that takes place during electrolysis changes the color of water; corrosion of metals at the time of electrolysis also causes gases to be released in water. The combined effect of all the above processes results into water changing its color.
False claims are made about the efficiency of foot detox. One such claim is that different colors of water correspond to colors of fluids like bile, uric acid, cholesterol, blood and fats. Any such claim doesn't hold true and is used for marketing. It is necessary to first perceive foot detoxification and then use it for purification; strengthening our body.