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Inverted Bob with Bangs

If Victoria Beckham is your style guru, then you may want to try out the inverted bob with bangs look that she has been sporting for a while now. Here is how this look works.
Tulika Nair
A classic bob hairstyle is a short hairstyle, in which the length of the hair reaches the chin or the earlobe. While generally classic bob is associated with straight hair, you can also sport a bob haircut if you have wavy or curly hair, however, you need to take a little care when you have this kind of hair texture.
The length of the hair unlike the inverted bob haircut is uniform in length though it is possible to add bangs to the hair if you feel the necessity to do so and want to give your haircut a slight edge. This style has been popular for several decades now because of the easy hair care involved and its versatility.
This look, though, is a fun and more futuristic take on the bob haircut if you think you can carry it off and have been itching to get one of the popular hairstyles with bangs.

The Look

In any style of inverted bob, the hair is longer around the face and shorter at the back. This adds volume to the crown while sticking to the neck to give proper form to the haircut. The other names that the inverted bob has been christened with are the concave, stacked, wedge, and angle bob.
This haircut has become extremely popular, thanks to celebs like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes who have been spotted wearing this style. And when fashion icons are sporting a haircut like this, can their fan following be far behind?
The look can be made extremely versatile depending on how you style the hair. If you have a round face, then do not despair over the fact that this short haircut will spell doomsday for you. In fact with long side swept bangs, this haircut is perfect for women with round faces.
Layered inverted bob haircut is very popular with many women opting for gradual tapering instead of sharp angular cuts which gives the texture of the hair a more casual look. The length of the hair at the front can be as you want it, from earlobe length to collar length or the ever popular chin length.

Hair Color for Inverted Bob with Bangs

You can opt for hair highlights for a more sophisticated look. Of course, the choice of color for your highlights will dictate what look you want to portray. If you are the adventurous kind, then you may want to opt for highlights in bold colors like blue, pink, or bright red.
Consult your hairstylist who will be able to tell you how you can create more interesting looks with your haircut depending on the texture of your hair and the structure of your face.
This haircut is extremely easy to maintain and does not need much hair care. When styling, remember to always start blow drying from the back so that the volume of the hair is maximized and the style is maintained.
If your hair is prone to frizz, then you should use hair care products like an anti-frizz serum to maintain the sleek look that is so essential to the hairstyle. When your hair is growing out, it may not look very appealing and therefore, it is important to go for regular trims so that the hairstyle does not look out of sorts.
An inverted bob with bangs may be the perfect hairstyle for you if you are looking for a drastic change and a look that will ensure that you are the cynosure of any party you walk into.