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Sassy Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Kashmira Lad
Victoria Beckham majorly influenced the fashion world with her inverted bob hairstyle. Let's see the celebrated hairstyle - the inverted bob.
The inverted bob hairstyle may have been around for quite some time but its popularity has peaked only recently. The hairstyle has been quite a rage among all women only due to the very sassy Victoria Beckham.
Bob hairstyles are all about sporting attitude and experiencing a freedom that is associated with them. Such haircuts make a woman feel confident and give a stylish appearance to her overall look.
Today, we have a variety of hairdos such as A-line bobs, concave bob, curly bob, stacked bob etc. Yet, the inverted bob hairstyle has been the focus of attention for a long time. It was a part of the flapper fashion during the roaring 1920s.
Back then, this haircut had simple and blunt edges. Today, it is stylized and sassy.
The hairstyle is all about asymmetrical layers. Many variations of the same can be tailored to suit one's personal preferences.
Besides, these also prove to be a boon for the woman on the go. There can be variations in the cut as well, which should be stylized to match the shape of your face.
A round-shaped face would probably need a longer length in the front. These are somehow on similar lines with the classic bob. The difference remains in the fact that inverted bobs are not always uniform in length.
The hair is longer in the front and gets shorter towards the backside. These are adventurous in their overall appearance as well.
They completely expose the neck area and hug the face in the front. The modern hairstyles are sexy and edgier than the earlier versions.

Style Tips

You can opt to create gradual layers that should be styled carefully to create a fuller look. You can even add an uneven side parting that gently sweeps across the forehead to add to the stylish look.
Use a mousse if you want added support to your hair and a better texture. Once your hair is dry, you can use a styling sheer shine hairspray, which can be applied to the ends of the hair so that they enhance the overall look, and add to the shine.
If you wish to add highlights to your hair, you must apply it along with the root growth. Your hair would also need to be trimmed once every 4 weeks.
If you wish to go in for the Posh Spice look, then you would definitely need a flat iron to create a short sedu hairstyle. This will help you to get the straight and sleek look.
These hairstyles are relatively low maintenance hairdos. You would have to ensure you follow a healthy diet to maintain your beautiful hairdo. Always go in for deep conditioning treatments in case you have streaked your hair in a different color. An anti-frizz serum can be useful to control the fuzzy look. Use these tips to flaunt your hairdo with style!