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Inverted Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Mamta Mule
Inverted bob haircuts are amongst the perfect picks for ladies with round faces. If you want to give yourself a hot and happening makeover, get set to chop off your locks in one of these hairstyles and look unique. Described here is the style and its variations, you can use to choose the perfect cut for your face.
Making a unique style statement when you dress up in your best outfit is not possible without an equally great looking hairstyle. The way you deck up your hair makes a huge difference in your appearance. When it comes to haircuts, many ladies prefer to keep it short and simple.
And a bob is definitely the perfect pick amongst the short haircuts which offer that 'easy to manage' element.
This is one of the best variations of the basic bob that is in vogue year after year. There are many options in inverted bob haircuts for round faces, which you can check out in the following sections.

What's an Inverted Bob

As mentioned, this cut is basically a variation of the basic bob. In this, strands of hair at the back of your head are cut shorter than those at the sides. The hair at both the sides is often cut in angles so that the strands will taper towards your chin.
This cut creates a nice face framing style with or without layers. You can further create a number of variations in this basic cut to have an entirely new and stylish look.

Sleek Inverted bob

This hairstyle is a favorite amongst most working professionals.
This is one of the best inverted bob haircuts for round faces that rightly spices up your formal attire and instantly gives you a highly sophisticated appearance. Flat ironed hair with pointed edges often cut using a razor are a must to give it a perfect finish.

Inverted Asymmetrical bob

This cut gives you a completely dramatic look by adding that asymmetrical element to it. A perfect mix of inverted symmetrical bobs, this one looks great with the strands on one side extended way below your chin and those on other side cut in a choppy style.
The elongated corners falling on your face are given a fantastic finish with a curved, angled line that goes upward as it moves toward the back.

Inverted Pixie Bob

The Pixie is one of the best options for round faces this season. You can pair this funky style with a modish inverted bob to fancify the locks.
Add that jazzy factor to the strands that are usually cut in a sleek and slanted pattern and get set to flaunt your bob with a hint of the pixie style. With sleek and short layers added to this, which include some sharp choppy fringes falling on forehead, this one is a must see.

Inverted Layered Bob

Bobs for oval and round faces can also include layers and bangs. With a few short layers at the back you can have a trendy stacked bob.
Layers equally spread over the mane and some face framing layers with an inward turn create another stylish look. You can further add parted bangs that will merge in the haircut.
Most hairdressers will agree that there is so much to experiment with these hairstyles. Bangs, layers, and combos can create a glamorous haircut that suits your face perfectly. With a single variation, this cut can be further spiced up to give you an ultra modish look.
So, explore the options and ask your dresser to have your locks cut in the best variation. Get set to flaunt your bob and turn all those eyes towards you!