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Ravishing Indie Hairstyles for Girls

Pragya T
Read on to learn about how to cut and style your hair into cool-looking indie hairstyles.
The term indie is applied to the culture of indie music which is created independent of mainstream media. Indie hair styles and fashion is more conventional than punk or goth styles and is dyed with more natural-looking colors. These hairstyles are not as high maintenance styles like that of celebrity styles from the mainstream.

Pixie Cuts

In pixie indie hairstyles the hair are cut very short. The back hair are cut shortest and the hair on the sides are kept a bit longer, so that they fall a bit in front of the ears.
The front section of the hair is cut in side bangs which are cut choppy, so that the hair ends look well separated. These cute indie haircuts are least on maintenance. After shampooing your hair, just apply a slight bit of mousse and style your hair more towards sideways and let them dry naturally.

Bohemian Hairstyles

Bohemian styles are generally middle parted hairstyles with blunt Cleopatra style bangs. And the long hair are cut straight and kept wavy so that they give a no fuss look. If you have natural wavy hair, then you just need the bangs and you are good to go.
People with straight hair can use a curling mousse and scrunch their hair to style them wavy. Braided headbands are great accessories for such hairstyles.
You can also go with some other bohemian braided hairstyles and keep many side hair strands loose for a relaxed look.

Choppy Haircuts

Choppy haircuts can be cut on short or medium-length hair. For these medium and short hairstyles, you need to cut all the different hair strands choppy. To cut hair choppy hold a strand of hair at a 45 degree angle, tilt your scissor, and make a cut. This way cut all your hair strands into different lengths.

The Faux Mohawk

These cool hairstyles look edgy and a little punk, but they are not as dramatic as the real Mohawk styles. The indie faux Mohawk style works on short hair, cut the sides of your hair short and the middle ones a little longer. Then using an extra hold gel style your hair upwards.

Scene Hairstyles

These medium and long indie haircuts for girls need some upkeep, so if you don't like to spend hours in front of mirror, then stick to simpler hairstyles. To get scene hairstyles you need to cut your hair into deep layers, and the ends of the hair are to be cut tapering.This style is then accompanied with blunt bangs or side sweeping bangs.
You can also give the blunt bangs a graduated effect by keeping the sides of the bangs longer. Then cut all your hair very choppy. This will give the sharp and edgy look. To style your hair you will need to maintain a lot of volume. For this, use a hair styling mousse and hair wax and make a puff at the crown. Use a hairspray to hold the style better.

Short Layered Cuts

These are also easy to maintain short haircuts. To get layered hairstyles with bangs, cut your back hair short and the side hair a little longer. The front section of the hair should be kept longer and cut into bangs.
The bangs can be kept long side bangs or blunt straight bangs. After you shampoo your hair, use a little hair mousse and tousle your hair and allow it to naturally dry.
These were the various indie hairstyles which look trendy and cool. So, select a style you like the most, and enjoy your new indie hairstyle look!