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Cool Indie Haircuts

Pragya T
Here are various cool ideas on indie haircuts for guys and girls, that will help you sport the indie look. Read and flaunt a new look that suits you...
Do you listen to indie? And want to sport a look that shows that you are an indie listening person? Then consider changing your dressing and haircut. You can wear some skinny jeans, black sneakers with some cool pattern on them, with some cool band t-shirts, and accessories like belt, wristbands, tie, etc.
Women can get some retro looking skirts, top and some 1920s style dresses. Once you have a wardrobe with indie clothing, get a cool indie haircut. Here are some suggestions on cool indie haircuts...

Haircuts for Girls

Sleek Black Styles

Sleek black styles look mysterious and cool. So, dye your hair jet black. Then get some cool haircut. If you have really long hair then just get a Cleopatra style bangs and sport this bohemian look. People with medium or short hair can get choppy layered short haircut.

Angel Waves

Angel waves look amazing. They give the perfect hippie-bohemian look. So, get few layers in your hair and then style it wavy.
To style your hair in angel soft waves, apply a curling hair serum with extra hold. Apply the serum on wet hair and scrunch your hair. Let it dry and you have gorgeous angel waves. Middle part your hair and carry this look.

Long Bobs

Long bobs are getting very popular. So, get an edgy cut inverted bob, and keep one side of the hair section really long. Then tie the long hair section into a braid. Cool style, ain't it?

Layered Messy Styles

Overgrown curly wavy locks, look like you don't care the way your hair looks. This is so indie!
So, just get few layers in your hair so that they become more manageable, and get some bangs. So, that some curly locks fall on your forehead for a cool look. Then style your hair curly and carry this 'out of bed' look.

Short Pixie Styles

Pixie styles never go out of fashion. They are short and easy to maintain hairstyles. So, cut the hair on sides and back into short crops, and keep the crown hair longer. Then style the front section of your hair into choppy bangs.

Haircuts for Guys

Messy Curly Styles

For this simple look get few layers. Cut your hair in such a way that the bottom hair are shorter than the crown hair. Then on wet hair apply a curling hair solution, and tousle your hair and keep some strands carefully on the forehead. Let your hair dry, and enjoy this sexy messy look.

Layered Sleek Styles

Layered sleek styles are very popular as indie hairstyles. They are the Zack Efron look. So, get your hair cut choppy and then add long side bangs. This is a popular style and you can make a difference to it, by coloring your hair. Consider getting lowlights with this style.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is an edgy cool style. For this style, get your hair on sides cut into short crops. And cut the hair in the middle tapering. Use a strong hold gel on wet hair, and style the hair upwards and frontwards creating some bangs.

Modern Mullet

This is a very unusual look and can look very indie when done right. For this style three hairstyles are mixed. So, first start with a modern mullet. Keep the back hair long as much as you desire. Then cut the crown hair in a way that you can style a faux hawk. Then on the sides of the head, get two side cuts on each side.
Add more to your indie look by wearing nerdy glasses, or some dangling funky earring. Make sure you keep your hair clean and soft by regularly shampooing and conditioning it.