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How to Wear Perfume Properly

Divya Bichu
Smell is the strongest of all sensory organs. A spicy woody smell can bring up pictures of a macho man passing by you, whereas, a sweet yet sensuous smell wants you to look at the woman, even if she does not please you visually. Well... perfumes say a lot about your personality and style. Find how to wear perfume properly and keep it lasting longer.
Perfumes have a lot to say about your persona, style and taste. And if you are a perfume lover, you sure must be owning a lot of fragrances.
Did you know, on an average every woman has at least three fragrances, one she uses for daily wear, another one for special occasions and the third one is her absolute favorite, she wears on rare occasions that reflects her style.
On the other hand, men tend to patronize one particular brand and stick to it through all occasions. You can own the best of the perfume brands and the exotic fragrances, but if you fail to wear it properly, you are probably not extracting its real worth.
Wearing a perfume is an art and not many are well-acquainted with it. Wearing it correctly can allow the fragrance to stay longer and you do not have to keep spraying it time and again. As we all know good perfumes do not come dirt cheap you have to shell hundreds of dollars for a small 1.6oz bottle. Therefore, it is only fair that you extract the maximum potential of the fragrance.

Tips To Wear Perfume Properly

# The fundamental rule to wearing perfume correctly is minimize the use. Yes, keep it nice and subtle, do not over spray the perfume. A lingering aroma would attract the senses of people, while more of perfume can give you headache and repel people from you.
Another thing you have to bear in mind is the weather, hot summer seasons will retain the fragrance for a long time, whereas cold climates require you to apply it at least twice during the day.
# The best time to wear perfume is, right after walking out of the shower. This is because your body's capacity to soak the fragrance is maximum right after a warm bath.
As soon as you dry your body, spray the perfume on the pulse areas, where the blood flow in more, like wrists, neck, chest, lats, inner thighs and knees. The rule is to apply from the bottom to the top, so that you smell good all over rather than just at the top.
# Once your done with this, make sure you do not dress up right away, let the perfume seep in or else it will rub on to your clothes and fade away. In the meanwhile use your body lotion and other products you usually use.
The best way to keep the perfume last longer is to use other cosmetics products of the same fragrances. In this way you will not mix up fragrances and stand out with your signature scent.
# You have to understand that every body soaks up fragrances differently. That is, oily skin can retain fragrances for a longer time as compared to dry skin. Oily skin has the ability to blend the perfume and body's oil, resulting in slow evaporation of the perfume. People with dry skin can treat their skin with a good moisturizer before wearing the perfume.
# Once you are dressed spray a spout of perfume right in front of you and just walk through it. This will ensure that your clothes and entire body absorbs the fragrance properly. Now, make sure you do not use two different fragrances at the same time, as they can reduce the intensity and longevity of the perfume.
To enhance the aroma further, men can spray a little on the handkerchief and women can dab a little perfume on a cotton ball and put it in their bra. This will keep the fragrance lingering throughout the day! Smell good, it not just attracts people's attention but also makes you feel happier and fresh from within!