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How to Use Pomade

Edward Bryant
Pomade is a particular type of hair care product that helps to get different kinds of hairstyles. Currently, the drugstore companies generate this item with the advanced formula and add a considerable number of useful ingredients. However, after picking the right product, you need to utilize the solution correctly and regularly.
The basic concept is still unchanged. Hopefully, its continuous use can provide you with a stylish and healthy hair, with the long-lasting guarantee. 

But... what is the process of applying it?
You can randomly rub this over your head. But... it cannot deliver you the expected feedback. On the other hand, if you are a bit tricky, you can get a mysterious change.

The process of applying this solution is not a miscellaneous task at all. Besides, it is an entirely cost-effective DIY method.
In this content, you will get a perfect guideline to carry out this task successfully. 

Here is the step by step method...

Choosing the Perfect Balm

Option 1: Select between water or oil-based item

The oil-based things are relatively a bit traditional and classy. Also, it is pretty accessible to the middle-aged man. Another fact is, it is cheap and holds for a more extended period.
But... the water-based items are quite user-friendly and easy to wash off. Its downside is the price, which is a bit high, and its relatively less holding power.
Option 2: Matte pomade or sheen pomade/ combination of matte and gloss

The sheen types items give shiner effect. But matte is a bit greasy. If you can use its mixture, you can get shiner and glossy effect eventually.

Determine your strength level. For primary stage, use light hold goods. At medium or matured level, you can use the tight hold serum.

Using the Pomade

Collect the required materials
  1. Moisturizer
  2. Bucket of normal water
  3. A fresh towel
  4. Hair drier
  5. Shampoo


Step 1: Wash your hair

Make sure your hair is appropriately clean and dirt-free. To eradicate the dust, wash it with normal water. After that, wipe it with the towel and rinse it. Let it dry (use the drier for the quick result).

Step 2: Dampen your hair

A bit damp hair is better before applying the solution. But it should not be too wet.
Step 3: Take a little amount over your palm

Start with a little amount. Pour it over the entire head. Use your fingers to blend it perfectly. Massage the whole scalp for a couple of minutes, softly and smoothly.

Finally, reshape your hair. Hopefully, it can last throughout the day. You can apply this once or twice per day.

Additional Information

The quality pomades are:
  1. Safe and suitable for all hair types. It is acceptable even if you have sensitivity problems (scalp irritation or itching)
  2. These are perfect for regular use (twice a day)
  3. Usable both for short and long hair
  4. No potential side effect

Particular Tips

  1. Check the ingredients before buying (Prefer vegan goods as they are comparatively safer and more effective)
  2. Never apply it on the messy hair
  3. Never use in excess amount (may create extra greasy effect)
  4. Wash it after a particular time (10 to 12 hours)

3 Core Benefits of Using Pomade

  1. Gives the hair a particular shape with various style
  2. Provides adequate moisture and nutrition
  3. Makes your hair healthy and sound

Final Statement

Whatever your hair type is, use this excellent drugstore product for a stylish look.

Follow the given tips and instruction for the best result. For more information, visit: GLAMORANDGLOW