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How to Use a Hair Straightener

Bidisha Mukherjee
Straightening the hair requires a little bit of preparation and proper use of the straightening tool. This information will help you to learn how to use a hair straightener correctly.
Both men and women who have natural curly hair wish to have straight hair. They can fulfill this wish with the help of a hair straightener. This is a simple tool that can smoothen out the curls.
More and more people with curly hair straighten their hair mainly because straight hair is easily manageable. Moreover, with straightened hair, they have the liberty to experiment with various hairstyles and change their look from time to time.

Instructions for Using a Hair Straightener

You do not have to visit a professional hair dresser to straighten your hair. You can do it on your own at home. The flat iron is first heated and then the hair is passed through it. The heat thus applied helps to relax the hydrogen bonds of the hair and the hair becomes smooth. The step-by-step instructions for using a hair straightener are given here.

Step #1

First of all, you have to wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo suitable for your hair type. It should be followed by deep conditioning of the hair that can protect the hair from any kind of damage. You can leave the wet hair untouched for air drying.
Or else, blow dry the hair with a dryer set at medium temperature. While blow drying the hair, you can run a brush through the hair. This will straighten the curls to some extent. Make sure that the hair is completely dry before you start straightening it.

Step #2

Now, remove all tangles from the hair and divide it into small sections so that you can work upon each section at a time. Those with medium or long hair should make four sections - around the crown, between the ears, at the nape and underside.
Those with short hair can have just three small sections - around the crown, between the ears and at the nape. Use hair clips to hold the hair of each of these separated sections.

Step #3

Before you apply the heat, spray a heat protection spray/serum on the hair. It forms a protective layer on the hair strands and protects it from the damaging effects of high temperature exposure. Do not apply too much hair care product, as it can make the hair wet.

Step #4

You should always use a good quality hair straightening tool. It is not that only women with curly hair opt for hair straightening. Even men are interested in straightening their hair.
There are special straighteners that are suitable for short hair. The plate size of these straighteners are smaller and vary in the range of 1.1 cm to 2.4 cm. Turn on the straightener at the highest setting and let it get hot.

Step #5

Remove the clip from the lowermost hair section which is located near the base of the head and start using the hair straightener on it first. Always move the straightener from the hair roots to the tip of the hair. While moving it, do not stop in between.
Try to keep each sweep uniform and consistent. If you have short hair, then you have to hold the tip of the hair strands with one hand and use the hair straightener with the other. Work on each of the sections in the same manner. Once you are finished with it, you should run the straightener one more time along the ends of the entire hair.

Step #6

Finally, you can apply a little finishing gel or cream at the tips of the hair. Such products are of great help to hold the hair straight and keep them non-frizzy. Do not use too much of it as it will give a greasy look to the hair.
After application of the cream, comb your hair once or run your fingers lightly through it. Now your job is done and it's time to flaunt your new stunning look with soft and smooth hair and get some compliments from others!
During the straitening process, you must be patient. Do not try to complete it in a hurried manner. If done hastily, you may not get the kind of result that you were expecting. Do not use hair straighteners very often as it can have a damaging effect on the hair.