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How to Use Hair Rollers

Debopriya Bose
Hair rollers are an easy and effective way of styling your hair. Be it tight curls, or large curls that add bounce to your hair, you can easily do it at home, just by knowing how to use hair rollers.
Using a hair roller is a great way to make straight and limp hair bounce back to life. You could curl your hair, or simply add body and lift to it, by skillfully using hair rollers. They are easy to use and cause less damage to the hair as compared to permanent curling techniques and curling irons.
2 ways to use the rollers are off-base method and on-base method. Placing a roller off-base results in end curls. The hair will have little or no lifts. Whereas, the on-base method will provide maximum lift or body to hair. People looking for new hairstyles can try rollers for an exciting new look!
Hair should be washed well before applying rollers. For more lift and body using unheated rollers, hair should be dried completely. Even while using heated rollers one must make sure that the hair is absolutely dry.

Steps for Using Hair Rollers

1. Before starting to roll hair, make sure that the hair is thoroughly washed. A styling product like hair gel, or mousse should be applied. A small section of hair should be taken, combed, and rolled around the roller in the direction that you want the curl.
Some people prefer to separate the hair into three or four larger sections, and pin or clip them up. They work on one section at a time, while the others are kept neatly clipped in place.
2. Begin rolling your hair by taking the upper layers/sections of hair. While rolling, begin with winding the ends of the hair tightly around the roller, until you reach the scalp. Clip the roller with a bobby pin or clip to hold it in place.
It's important to be able to roll the hair tightly right from the start, as a loose beginning will need you to start the process all over again. It's best to pull the hair slightly at regular intervals as it is being wound over the roller, as this ensures that the hair is being rolled with equal tautness all along the length. This would result in even curls.
3. As the hair is wound over the rollers, a little hairspray can be sprayed, to help the curls set better.
4. After all the sections have been wound around the rollers, spraying hairspray again could be done to ensure that no portion if hair is left without the spray.
5. Hair can be left to dry or it could be blow dried to hasten the process of setting the curls. It's important that the blow dryer is not held too close to the hair, as it might damage the hair or burn the scalp. For better results, allow the hot air to blow lightly over each curler. In case you plan to sleep in the curlers, cover your hair with a hair net.
6. Once the hair is completely dry, remove the rollers. If the hair has been blow dried, it is best to wait till the hair cools down. In case you started with dry hair, remove the rollers after 5-15 minutes.
7. Remove one roller at a time by gently rotating it in the opposite direction of curl. As the roller is removed, the hair should be brushed through to let the curls fall with the natural flow of the hair. Also run the curls through your hands and gently introduce them to the rest of the hair to achieve the desired hairstyle.
Rollers are a great way of adding a tinge of glamor to one's hair. The best thing about these is that one does not have to go to the parlor to get one's hair done. A little bit of practice and experimenting with the rollers will enable you to create exciting curly hairstyles for yourself.