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How to Use Hair Clippers

Sonia Nair
Hair clippers can help you save money and frequent visits to the salon, provided you have some knowledge about how to use these devices. Read on for some tips to use this device properly.
We all know that hair clippers are instruments used to cut hair. Before the invention of electric hair clipper during the 1920s, manual ones were widely used. Nowadays, electric hair clippers have replaced the manual ones and have become very popular.
They are available in various designs and most of them come with accessories as well. So, it is handy to use a hair clipper as per your requirement. Most people are afraid of using these devices at home, but with a little care and caution, it can be used to perfection.

More About Hair Clippers

These devices come with several attachments and features. While some models are attached with cords, there are cordless ones too. The base of some hair clippers acts as a charger, whereas in others power outlets are necessary.
These instruments can be used as hair trimmers to trim mustache, ear hair, and even nasal hair. Lubricating oil and a cleaning brush have proven to be effective in maintaining them in a good working condition
Hair guide combs are also available with these clippers and these combs vary in length, ranging from 1/16 to 1 inch with tapers for both left and right ears. Adjustable blade levers enable each blade to cut hair of a different length. Some of these may provide scissors, brushes and combs as well.

Tips to Use Hair Clippers

Once familiar with the attachments and accessories of your hair clipper, the next step is to understand the working mechanism of the instrument. Unlike scissors, hair clippers are not supposed to cut wet hair. Wet hair can choke the blade, affecting its efficacy.
You have to use the clippers against the direction of hair growth, to achieve an even haircut. For good results, don't overload the clipper with a lot of hair. This can spoil the clipper as well as your hairstyle. You should go through the instructions given by the manufacturer and make proper use of the directions provided.
It is always better to start with using hair clippers to cut the hair of other members of the family. Family members can help each other with haircuts. Once you are comfortable with it, you can start cutting your own hair.
>>You have to start with cleaning the cutting blades with a brush to remove any stray hair or dirt, which can interfere with the smooth functioning of the hair clipper.
>>After cleaning the blade, add some drops of clipper oil to the blade and start the clipper. Let the blade run for a minute, in order to ensure the uniform distribution of the oil. Oiling the blade is important to maintain its working condition and to reduce the chances of damage.
>>The next step is the cutting of hair. Decide the hairstyle and the length of hair you want to cut off. Comb your hair according to the hairstyle you want to create. Always start from the nape and work to the sides and the top. Finish with the trimming near the ears and on the nape of the neck.
>>Spacers are provided with most hair clippers and these spacers help you to maintain a safe distance between the head and the blade. If you are using a one inch spacer, then all you have to do is to run the clipper over the entire head and the result will be uniformly trimmed hair of one inch length.
This is only to be used if you want a quick trim and is not recommended for other hairstyles. You can replace the clipper by using a comb as a guard.
>>Finish the task with cleaning up the areas around the ears and neck. Clean the blades once again and add some oil to keep it in good condition.
Now that you know more about use of hair clippers, your visits to the beauty salon will reduce significantly. While using this device is not a difficult task, it may take a while to get accustomed to it. Once you are comfortable, you can even be creative and come out with your own hairstyles.