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How to Use a Facial Steamer

Priya Johnson
Facial steaming has been used as an effective measure to treat facial skin for centuries. Earlier, people used vessels filled with hot water to carry out facial steaming. However, today appliances such as facial steamers are specifically manufactured for facial steaming.
Facial steamers are effective devices that help keep the skin glowing and healthy. Oil, dirt and grime tend to clog the pores, resulting in blackheads, breakouts and other facial skin problems. Steam helps open up the pores in the skin, and is a great way to treat acne. Moreover, steam also increases blood circulation in the skin, revives tired skin and removes toxins. Open pores give deep cleansing agents the access to remove sebum and harmful bacteria from the skin. Thus, resulting in healthy and glowing skin. Varieties of facial steamers are available today.
Professional multi-function facial steamers (used in spas, retreats and spas) as well as simple home facial steamers are present in the market. Among the various ones available, the portable type is the most convenient and affordable. Besides the portable type, the facial sauna is also an efficient way of rejuvenating the skin. Facial sauna involves the use of an inhaler mask to funnel out the dirt from the facial skin. Electronic aroma and herbal steamers are the upgraded versions of facial steamers. These appliances make use of herbal essences to rejuvenate the skin.

Using a Facial Steamer

Facial steaming is a pampering experience, whether it's carried out at a spa or at home. Since visiting a spa every week is not practical, investing in home facial steamers is beneficial and cost-effective. Facial steaming is a simple procedure, yielding good results. The simple steps involved in using one are as follows
  • Before actually using the facial steamer, one must prepare one's face. The face must be cleansed with facial cleansers and must be towel dried. This is because during steaming, the pores in the facial skin will be opened. To avoid clogging of pores, it's best to cleanse the skin prior to steaming.
  • Some facial steamers are battery operated, while the others work on electricity. Depending on the requirement, put in the batteries or locate an outlet to plug in the steamer.
  • Take approximately one cup clean water and put it into the facial steamer's reservoir. Adding excess water can result in overflowing. So, be careful.
  • A separate compartment is also present, wherein one can pour essential oils to achieve a soothing effect. These essential oils not only soothe the skin, but also detoxify the skin and clears it off bacteria.
  • Items such as large towel, moisturizer, cotton balls, toner and facial mask are additional things required for the completion of the facial steaming procedure. Make sure the towel is large enough to cover the face and shoulders. All these things should be gathered before the commencement of facial steaming procedure.
  • Once all the requirements are seen to, it's time to use the steamer. The steamers have a settings panel, that help control the temperature. Once the steamer has been turned on, it will take one or two minutes to release the steam.
  • When steam begins to come out, place your face over the steamer and lock in the steam by using the towel to cover the head. Make sure the face is 8-12 inches away from the steamer. The steamer should only steam the skin and not scald it.
  • Allow the skin to receive steam for 5-10 minutes. Within this time, the skin pores will be opened. After this, gently exfoliate the facial skin and rinse off using clean water. Towel dry the face.
  • Next, apply a suitable facial mask and allow to dry. Rinse off the dried mask first with warm water and then with cool water. Dry the face with a towel once again.
  • With the help of a cotton ball, gently apply toner on to the face. This is to be followed by the application of a suitable moisturizer.
Facial steaming leaves the skin rejuvenated and healthy, with a radiant glow! This procedure is beneficial to people with all skin types. People who have dry skin can add chamomile, rose-water, comfrey, lavender or marshmallow root into the water for maximum effect. For oily skin type, rosemary, lavender, basil or lemongrass are good. For acne prone skin, addition of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil or chamomile oil are suitable. People with highly sensitive skin are advised to undergo facial steaming only once a month.
Try out facial steaming for yourself and save the money you would otherwise end up spending at the salon. Facial steaming is not cumbersome and the results will leave you cheerful and radiant. All the best!