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How to Tweeze Eyebrows

Kalpana Kumari
Tweezing eyebrows is not that tedious a task as many people assume it to be. Here are the basic instructions to make you learn and master this art of eyebrow grooming.
Eyebrows that are groomed well and in shape enlarge the area of your eyes. They emphasize your eyes and give you a beautiful appearance. In fact, in this looks conscious age, shapely eyebrows that are without extra hair growth in their surroundings have become a requirement to look neat and trendy.
Thus, if you know how to tweeze your own eyebrows, you will always have the advantage. You would not have to rely on a beautician, or search for a beauty salon, wherever you go.
You can make yourself look good and spectacular anywhere and anytime you want to. If you don't know how to tweeze eyebrows at home, you can learn it right now with the help of instructions given here.

Tweezing Eyebrows at Home

Step 1

To learn how to tweeze eyebrows at home, you should first collect all the material required. These are an eyebrow pencil, small scissors, tweezers and brow brush. Once you have all these necessary tools, follow the instructions given here.

Step 2

Put on the lights and open windows to ensure bright light in the room you are working in. Look into a mirror and check whether your eyebrows need to be trimmed.
If the eyebrow hair are long, which is particularly the case with the hair at the inside corners, simply cut them with the small scissor. The purpose of this step is to bring the longer hair strands located at the tip within the thickness of the eyebrow.

Step 3

Brush your eyebrow hair up with the brow brush. If the hair is longer than the eyebrow thickness, cut them to make their length equal to the breadth of your eyebrows. It reduces the density of the eyebrow hair and gives you a cleaner look.

Step 4

Now, brush your eyebrow hair down. Cut the hair that extend past the eyebrow line underline. A great tip here is that you should always trim before tweezing, never the other way round.
This will prevent you from tweezing the hair that just needed to be trimmed to come in shape. When you are done with trimming the eyebrow hair, both straight up and down, brush them back into their normal place.

Step 5

Tweezing is generally a painful affair. If you are looking for a secret to how to tweeze eyebrows without pain, here it is. Have a shower or wash your face with warm water. Heat will open the hair follicles, making the process of tweezing much easier and less painful.
You can place a hot compress on your face as well to get the same effect. In case you have a sensitive skin, rub an ice cube on the eyebrows and the area around it. This will slightly numb the skin and will make tweezing comfortable.

Step 6

Run an eyebrow pencil on the eyebrow to highlight the eyebrow shape that you desire to have. Use tweezers to pluck out the strands of hair that fall out of this line. Tweeze hair in the direction of their growth for easy removal. Also, move backward and forward between the eyebrow after every couple of plucks. This will ensure symmetry.
Many people are not able to perform eyebrow tweezing with perfection in the few initial trials. But they generally obtain expertise with frequent and proper practice. Therefore, if you could not do it well in the beginning, don't lose heart.
Keep on trying to get a good shape of your eyebrows. Always remember that the secret of tweezing eyebrows properly is proper practice. That day will definitely come when you will work on your eyebrows like an expert.