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How to Tighten Sagging Skin

Sonia Nair
Though there are special procedures to tighten sagging skin, they may be quite expensive. Here are some simple methods for tightening loose skin.
Sagging skin is a common problem, which is usually associated with aging, rapid weight loss, pregnancy and obesity. While many people resort to expensive skin care products that may not be that effective in tightening loose skin, some others resort to surgical methods.
It is a common fact that skin loses its elasticity and starts sagging, as a person ages. As compared to others, obese people may experience this condition, at an early stage. This is because of the layers of fat beneath their skin. Gradually, their skin loses elasticity due to the extra weight of the fat and this results in sagging.
Rapid weight loss and pregnancy are also among the causes of sagging skin. Whatever may be the cause, you have to tackle this problem at the earliest, before it becomes worse. You may resort to natural methods like exercises, change in diet or use skin care products or surgical techniques.

Natural Methods

Natural methods to tighten sagging skin include exercises, skin exfoliation, oil massage and switching to a well-balanced diet. As far as workouts are concerned, aerobic and cardio exercises are best for loose skin.
Exercises aid the body in building muscles and at the same time, burns fat too. This helps in tightening of the skin. Ab crunches, sit ups, walking, jogging and yoga are particularly beneficial to tighten loose belly skin. Even facial exercises are found to be effective to tighten sagging facial and neck skin.
Another natural method to tackle skin sagging problem is to keep the body well hydrated. Water improves elasticity of the skin and helps to make the skin tight. Apart from that, a well-balanced diet with all essential nutrients is also good for the skin.
It is said that raw coconut, cucumber, olives, tomato, aloe vera extract and soy protein, are good for improving skin elasticity. Regular exfoliation is another way to tighten skin. It is also said that hot water bath (with sea salt) can also contribute to tightening of the skin.

Skin Care Products

There is a wide range of skin care products that claim to be effective in tightening sagging skin. However, very few of them are found to be beneficial. You may tackle such loose skin with firming cream or lotion. It is said that these creams contain collagen, keratin and amino acids, and so, they are effective in firming up loose skin.
You may try these products and choose the one that is best suited for you. It has been observed that skin care products with antioxidants are good for such skin. You may also seek the opinion of your friends and relatives regarding the effectiveness of these products in firming skin.
Some people resort to skin firming wraps to tighten loose skin. As sagging skin is mostly found on thighs, stomach and upper arms, these wraps are mostly used on such locations.
It is said that two wrapping sessions in a week will be sufficient for firming the skin. Using a skin moisturizer daily is also good for skin tightening. You may try moisturizers that are specially meant for skin firming.
You may adopt any of the method, for this purpose. It will be better to opt for a combination of these methods, rather than sticking to any one of them. If you don't achieve any satisfactory results, then, try cosmetic surgeries like, tummy tuck, thigh lift and body contouring.
Make sure to approach an expert cosmetic surgeon for such surgeries. It is always advisable to try natural methods and other non-invasive techniques to tighten sagging skin, before zeroing in on surgery.