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How to Thin Your Hair

Pragya T
Want to know how to thin your hair? Here are ways to that will help you achieve a sleeker hair look.
Having naturally thick hair can make the hair difficult to style. Also, sometimes, not caring for hair can lead them to be dry and puffy, which can also make styling them a difficult job.
Today, most modern haircuts have a sleeker look, and if you have naturally thick or puffy hair, then with some styling and a good cut it is possible to get thin hair. Here is a list of various ways to thin your hair that you can use.

Using Thinning Shears

If you have some experience in doing haircuts, only then use thinning shears. Otherwise visit a stylist to get your hair thinned.
First wash your hair with shampoo and dry them with a blow dryer. Then brush your hair into a parting that you usually wear.
In case you have wavy or curly hair, then apply loads of hair creams and use flat iron to straighten out your hair. Part your hair in sections, where it is thick. Secure these sections with hair clips. Then, take out one section of the hair, and slide open the thinning shears halfway through the length of the hair from the scalp.
Snip using the shears once, open them immediately, then comb this section out. Repeat these steps using shears, for all the sections of hair. If you have curly hair, then you might need to snip at each sections twice or thrice.

Going for a Razor Cut

If you have split ends and overgrown hair, then it is best you visit a stylist and get a new trendy razor hairstyle. If you don't wish to reduce the length, then tell the stylist so and get layers in your hair.
After the layered haircut is finished, ask the stylist to use a razor. Razor will remove the bulk of the hair, thus will make your hair look sleeker and cooler. To maintain this haircut, you will need to visit the stylist every 6-8 weeks depending on your hair growth.

Using Hair Care Products

There are many hair care products which you can use to make your hair look thinner.
You can use skinny shampoos and conditioners while washing your hair to reduce their volume. You can also use a hair relaxer kit, if you have very puffy and dry hair. This works greatly for frizzy and curly hair. You can also consider using a hair gel or serum to make your hair look sleeker.

Using Mayo

Wondering how to thin hair at home using mayonnaise? Well, mayonnaise can work great for flattening your hair and is the safest and best way to naturally thin your hair.
If you want to try flattening hair without any cutting, so that they look sleeker and thinner, then apply a thick coat of mayonnaise to the entire hair and let it sit for 2 hours everyday for a period of 1 week. Then, wash your hair completely, to remove mayonnaise. This will reduce the hair volume and make it more manageable.

Using Flat Irons

This is another easy and best way on how to thin out hair, which works on all the major hair types. Firstly, slightly wet your hair using a water spray nozzle bottle. On damp hair, apply loads of hair cream and serum.
Then divide the hair into various sections, and carefully run the flat iron to straighten your hair and make them look sleeker and more manageable.
These were the various methods for thinning your hair out. So, pick a natural method, like using mayo or visit a stylist and get a razor cut done, to enjoy sleek looking hair.