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How to Tell if You'd Look Good with Short Hair

Mrunal Belvalkar
Want to try a new short hairstyle, but afraid how you will look in it? Find out how to tell if you would look good with short hair in this article. After all, a bad haircut can have you feeling bad about your appearance for a long time!
When it comes to haircuts, they say it is better to be safe than to be sorry! No doubt getting a new haircut or a hairstyle done is a sure shot, foolproof way to revamp your look. It is one of the most important things to do when getting a make over!
However, if you do not get the right haircut - one that suits your height, the shape of your face, your built etc. - it can leave you looking bad for a really long time. Remember Monica (Courtney Cox) getting that really bad haircut from Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) in Friends? OMG.
That was one fun episode! But put yourself in Monica's shoes, and it suddenly loses the humor, right?
Short crops are the in-thing these days. But not everyone can carry off a short crop! If you are thinking about getting one for yourself, I would like to ask you just one thing - are you sure it is going to look good on you? How to tell if you'd look good with short hair or not? Well, I am here to tell you just that!

How to Tell if You Would Look Good in Short Hair

A funky short hairstyle can totally turn you from a boring old plain Jane to a new hip, hot, happening attractive female! Here are three really easy tips to tell if short hair would suit your face or not. It is quite easy to find out if a short haircut you have in mind is going to look good on you or not! Here's how -

Tuck Them In

The best way to tell if a short haircut would look good on you would be to tuck your hair in and see for yourself! If you plan to get a bob, or a mushroom cut, this would be easy to try. All you need is lots of clips and a lot of patience. Get your gal pals to help you out.
Gather at someone's place, and prepare to spend some quality time in front of the mirror!
How To Do It?Begin by tucking in the major chunk of your hair and securing them at the back of your head. Then start by styling the hair in the front. It helps to have a picture of the short hairstyle you plan to do in front of you. Work up a look similar to the hairstyle on yourself.
See if it goes with your face size and shape. This is going to take some time... but I suggest you invest that much time in it. Hair once cut can never be paste back in place!

Wear a Wig

This may sound a little over-the-top, but it is one of the surest way to tell if you'd look good in short hair or not. Honestly. The next best thing to tucking your hair in to judge if short hair would look good on you or not, would be to try on a wig of the desired short hairstyle!
How To Do It?The best way or place to land your hands on a wig would be at a beauty salon. They usually have a few wigs. Another idea would be to go to a wig store and actually try the wigs they have. You are definitely bound to get a lot more variety and style in a wig store.
The wigs at a wig store would also come in all different colors, so if you want to give coloring your hair a thought too, you can even pick on a hair color that would suit you by trying a wig of that color. (Never thought of that, did you?)


Finally, if the above two ideas seem too tedious or complicated, there's always Photoshop! Take any of your latest pictures and go on editing it. If you do not have a suitable picture, well, you can always click one; hardly takes a minute. Once you have the perfect picture, simply follow the steps below to tell if you would look good in short hair!
How To Do It?Begin editing your picture by first removing the hair completely. Now find a picture of the hairstyle you want to get done for yourself, and edit that picture to make the face disappear. Now simply paste the hair on your head, and voila!
There you are in short hair. Do you like it? It is important that your picture be a latest one. As the years pass by, our face changes and looks a little different, so that it may now be chubbier or skinnier, slightly taller or smaller, than it was before. Better take a new picture than rely on any old ones.
A short crop doubles up as a low-maintenance hairstyle as well as being one that is chic and in! It is definitely the rage these days. However, if after following the above tips and tricks you figure out that a short crop doesn't really suit you, then do not insist on getting one just because you want to.
It is not necessary that every trend that hits the fashion industry has to and will look good on you if you tried it out. Some things are bound to not suit you as well. However, adamantly following such trends just because they are 'in' is never a good idea.
I am not saying no to trying new things and fashions - just do it with your head on your shoulders, and you are bound to look fabulous! Have fun discovering the new you!