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How to Tattoo Hair

Neha Joshi
Have you ever thought that you could tattoo hair? Today, we can! If you want to know how to tattoo hair and what a hair tattoo means in the first place, this story will help you with some information. Also mentioned are some designs you can opt for while getting a hair tattoo done.
A hair tattoo is nothing but a design formed by shaving hair from the scalp in such a fashion that the remaining hair on the scalp forms a design.
During the last few decades, we have seen a number of people indulging in this form of tattooing, and unlike other tattoos, it has no health risks. It was not very long ago that hair tattoos started being a style statement. Today, there are a number of people who can sport this type of tattoo.
This tattoo lasts for an average of two to three weeks, after which you can experiment with another design. The most common form of a hair tattoo is the Mohawk pattern with little designing done on either side of the hair.
You can also fill in the gaps with micro hair tattooing which is a technique to reduce appearance of bald patches. Having explained what a hair tattoo means, we can proceed to know how to tattoo hair in various patterns and designs.

How to Tattoo Hair: Tips

The steps involved in tattooing hair are not very difficult or complex to understand but are certainly diverse. There are a lot of ways in which you can get a hair tattoo and knowing all these ways are important since you might consider getting the best.
Mentioned below are a few tips that comprise methods and tricks which you should be aware of while getting yourself a hair tattoo.
  • Start with trimming your hair for a common hair tattoo. Keep the length of your hair approximately up to 1 cm and not more. If there is a particular design that you want, show it to the stylist and ask him to make the same.
  • If you want letters such as R.I.P or F.E.A.R written on your scalp, keeping the length of your hair a little more than 1 cm would be proper. However, if you want a design like that of a tribal tattoo, it is advisable to keep a desired hair length.
  • If you want to keep a Mohawk style, make sure the designs you get done on both the sides are exact mirror images or your head might look a disaster in reality, no matter how good it looks in the pictures on the web.
  • A proper hair tattoo stylist is required if you want to get a unique design with minute details in it. Most of the time, for bold designs, trimmers are sufficient as tools. However, carving blades are essential if you wish to opt for fluid lines.
  • As mentioned, hair tattoos last for a period of around two to three weeks. But this depends on how fast your hair grows. Faster the growth of hair, more the chances of losing out on the tattoo design. If you want to get a hair tattoo, you can consider getting it done during vacations, if it's not possible otherwise.
  • Maintain your hair tattoo from time to time to make the design stand out and glow in the dark. You can also color the hair with a color of your choice to make it look different from normal ordinary hair tattoos.
Now that you know how to tattoo hair, you can go visit a salon immediately and check whether the tattoo you're getting done is proper or not. Designing the tattoo yourself at home would put a lot of limitations to it and not do justice to the concept.
Check for some hair tattoo designs before you visit the tattooing stylist and show him exactly what you want. Avoid common designs to make your tattoo stand out and make sure to look out for an authentic tattooing parlor. Best of Luck!