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How to Tame Thick Hair

Dhanashree Patane
The joy of having thick or voluminous hair is usually shadowed once it gets un-manageable. Get help with some of these handy tips on how to tame thick hair.
Strong, thick and lustrous hair, makes the most gorgeous hairdos worth a crown. Sure all you beauties with dense treasures on the head have lucky days of impressing with volume and strength as you swish those lovely tresses. Now for most of those dealing with hard times like reality, having thick hair may still call for a ride in the salon every week.
Most of us having thick and dense hair have a tough time, managing hair and styling it to the best. Styling will be fun as long as you keep those locks in place and tangle free. Thick hair that is straight, curly or wavy, tends to create frenzy whenever you try to tame it.
Well, there are solutions that can help you ease out the tangles and make the dense tresses soft, silky and manageable. It is just a set of rules or guidelines that do not let dense hair spoil the beauty of dense and strong hair.
Here are some tips and tricks on how to tame thick hair, that will help you manage the toughest of waves, locks or straight threads bustling with volume, to strong and healthy waves of admiration.

Tips to Tame Thick Hair

To avoid instances of the hair brush screaming for breath, lost in thick hair, a little change and effort in hair care is essential. We all tend to follow the same routine that one follows for normal hair. Hair being thick, will require extra care and concern, if you want to keep it manageable.

Choosing Style and Length

The basics of managing hair is to be able to manage the hairstyle that you sport. Thick hair seldom gives you an option to let it loose and flowing. What experts suggest is to keep the length of the hair not too long nor too short.
Consult a good stylist and check options that can keep the hair in place and in shape. Opt for fringes that fall near the chin rather than anywhere shorter near the eyebrow or ears, hence the hair will not look puffy.
A haircut that runs in layers near the ends is also one option to tame the unmanageable hair. To tame thick curly hair, try styles that keep them tangle free, avoid layering of curly hair. Use a side partition when letting them loose. The best treatment for such hair is to trim the ends, as the hair becomes more manageable once trimmed.

Hair Care and Treatment

It is very important to moisturize such unmanageable hair. It will help the hair stay frizz-free and de-tangled. When oiling the hair, make sure you oil it at least once to twice a week. Using olive oil with a mild massage for 10 minutes will help the hair get enough oil and moisture.
Using other moisture treatments like applying a hair mask, using a warm wrap, etc., can also add moisture to hair. Shampoo the hair only when required, do not excess shampoo, else the hair will tend to be more frizzy. Follow with a good conditioner, apply well to the strands of the hair and specially the tips.
Rinse the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly, any residue of chemical can damage and dry the hair. It is advisable to use cold water when washing the hair, as it makes the hair less frizzy and tangled. Choose air-drying over blow-drying. Naturally dried hair will be less frizzy. Avoid using a hair brush when combing, run your fingers to comb hair.

Styling and Chemical Treatments

To keep the hair in place and tangle-free, after a wash, use a leave-in conditioner or a hair serum. There are many products including hair sprays, gels and hair mousse, use them when styling the hair.
Evenly distribute the styling product across your hair. Avoid excess use of these products. You may also consider getting perms, and get dense tresses transformed in shiny curls. Using chemicals and other treatments is not recommended always.
Using hot treatments like flat irons and curlers must also be avoided whenever possible. Make sure you treat your hair naturally at least one a week, with moisturizing, oiling and shampooing.
Follow some of these tips on taming thick hair, and virtually experience the magic of frizzy, tangled heavy tresses transforming into dense but soft hair. Let these dense tresses and locks fish out some 'I love my hair' compliments. Do we see you smile already... ?