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How to Take Care of Cuticles

Priya Johnson
Carrying out appropriate nail cuticle care for men and women is highly essential. Though often ignored, caring for nail cuticles keeps nail infections at bay. Various cuticle care products are available that can help keep the cuticles healthy and soft.
Why is it important to pay attention to nail cuticle care? What's the cuticle and what role does it play in our body? The cuticle forms the seal of the nail and the fingers. This means the cuticle is that dead skin that overlaps our nails and fingers. Beneath this cuticle, the nail matrix is formed. These cuticles play a very interesting role in our body.
As the cuticle in a leaf protects the inner layers of the leaf from damage, the cuticle on nails protects them from damage from fungus, bacteria, etc. Isn't it strange, cuticle plays a protective function, yet we seldom consider the cuticle as a protective part of our body! Its absence can conduce to severe nail infections, hangnail issues, nail fungus, etc.
Let's have a look at some nail cuticle care tips that we can carry out at home, so as to keep your cuticles groomed with little effort.

Moisturize the Nails

The major causative factor of nail cuticle problems is dry, ragged and peeling nails. It's this dryness that conduces to hangnails. To prevent this, the nails need to be moisturized with a hand cream or body lotion regularly.
Rub the moisturizer into the cuticle and perform this daily. Don't just apply it on the hands and be satisfied. You need to specifically massage the moisturizer onto your cuticles.

Massage Your Cuticles

Everyday after bath, massage your cuticles gently with warm olive oil or jojoba oil. This will help prevent the cuticle from drying.
However, since only application of oil will not help soften the cuticle, one should use cuticle remover for softening the nail. Some even use orangewood oil for softening the cuticle, however the cuticle remover is more effective.

Use a Cuticle Stick

Once you soften the cuticle, the whitish residue present at the base and sides of the nail need to be cleaned as well. For this, use an orange stick (cuticle stick) to gently push back the cuticles by holding the stick at an angle such that no damage is done to the cuticle.
Once you've got the stick at the angle, gradually move the stick in circles near the base of the nail, so as to remove the dead and flaky skin. Carry out this procedure two to three times per nail.

Give Your Cuticles Some Rest

Sometimes over-grooming results in drying, tearing and peeling of the cuticle around the nails. People who use too much nail polish on a regular basis and other lacquers should give their nails and cuticles a break once in a while.
Applying the nail polish remover more than once a week can suck out all the moisture. Avoid using the nail polish remover more than once a week. Moreover, avoid going in for a manicure too often, as it can lead to overgrown and hardened cuticles.

Care While Using Household Cleaning Products

While carrying out household chores, cleaning and washing, ones cuticles come in touch with harsh household cleaning agents, which damage and dry the nail cuticles.
Immersing the hands in these cleaning solutions causes minor redness and irritation to the cuticles. Thus, while using such cleaning products wear cotton-lined rubber gloves.
Besides these mentioned nail cuticle care tips, make sure you refrain from biting your fingernails. Never rip apart your cuticles with your fingers or teeth. This will just rupture the protective covering on the nails.
Moreover, refrain from using your fingernails to pry objects. It's better to keep convenient sticks of moisturizing cream in your bag, which will enable you to apply it anytime you desire. In case of any infection, contact the dermatologist immediately.