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How to Straighten Thick Hair

Veethi Telang
It has a reputation of being unruly, but when you rule over it, you simply stand out in a horde. In this article, learn how to straighten that thick hair of yours and hold it, so that when there's a party in the night, you don't run down the hills, screaming.
I have stubborn, unruly, thick hair, and as strongly as I wanted to, I could not keep track of the number of hair straightening irons I dropped just to get those unwieldy strands give up against gravity.
It's a tough job to get thick hair straight, and it just gets tougher, given your tendency to experiment with the gamut of hair straightening products available in the market, that leave you in a world with a handful of promises, made to be broken. Can't blame, can't blame.
Straightening is an addiction, truly, and once you get it right, it just can't get over. I mean, I even sleep with my hair straightened, for god sake! Well, technically, your thick hair has a lot of protein which makes it difficult for the hot iron to straighten it. Those with fine hair are in luck I swear.
Well, like everything has a process to get things right and easily done, straightening thick hair has got one too. If you're finding it hard to take over those thick strands that simply refuse to resemble Jen An's sleek, collinear, erect hair in Friends, this article makes for an interesting read, explaining the way to straighten hair that is thick and unmanageable, in simple easy steps.

Straightening Thick Hair: Steps

Thick hair is resistant to hair straightening as the protein content, the moisture, and the overall condition of the hair makes the job all the more difficult. Shampoos and conditioner specially created for thick hair may soften them a bit, but they soon become unmanageable.
However, I've seen it first hand, that after straightening, thick hair not only make you look much more beautiful, but are more manageable. With that said, grab the following things that you require in order to begin with the process of straightening thick hair perfectly.
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Smoothing Conditioner
  • Hair Straightening Serum
  • Blow-Dryer
  • Paddle Brush
  • Hair Straightening Iron
  • Clips
Hair Mousse1. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair
Many women, out of a busy routine, don't shampoo and condition their hair, and straightaway use a straightening iron over the hair strands.
Now you know, why do thick hair strands never straighten up, don't you? The correct procedure involves properly shampooing and conditioning your hair, so that it becomes smooth and silky.

2. Apply the Hair Straightening Serum Over Damp Hair

Once you've washed your hair, take a towel, and dry it a bit. Apply a hair straightening serum that untangles the strands, and makes them straight. Just so you know, hair straightening serums are designed specially to render straightness to hair. So, when you're done applying the serum over your damp hair, take the paddle brush, and follow the next step.

3. Blow Dry by Sectioning Your Hair

First blow dry your hair entirely, and then section it to blow dry individual strands, one at a go. Blow drying will straighten hair, and paddle brush will help in untangling it easily. There are two ways of carrying out this step - one, you could simply straighten every section, and two, you could straighten them all first, and create a style as per your liking. Keep your hands smooth but rigid while you blow dry.

4. Straighten Smaller Sections with Hair Straightening Iron

When you're done blow drying, now is the time to straighten the thick hair strands with flat iron. The trick here is, take smaller sections this time for the flat iron isn't usually effective on larger strands.
Moreover, when you know your hair is thick, might as well take smaller sections to add to the finesse. Straighten every strand with a tight hand, and clip the rest of your hair. Save your scalp from the hot iron, but make sure you straighten from the roots. After you are done straightening, apply hair mousse and comb just once.
Well, there you have it! Perfectly straightened thick hair, which was a subject of daily battle otherwise. Straightening looks gorgeous, no matter what your hair type is. If done in the right way, it can save you lots of time, and humiliation too. So, pick up all essentials, and get going. There, your mirror can't wait to adore you!