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How to Stop Hair Loss in Teenagers

Rohini Mohan
More and more youngsters are complaining about hair fall problems. This post will discuss as to why and how to stop hair loss in teenagers...
Teenagers may suffer from hair loss for several reasons. However, the prominent cause for the onset of this condition could be due to several basic and common factors. This is the age when youngsters tend to experiment with their look a lot. They tend to ignore their health in order to make themselves attractive by looking either slimmer, or in some cases, skinny. On the other hand, some hog on junk food and gain excessive weight! Either way, the effects on health are harmful.

Causes and Prevention of Hair Loss in Teens

Chemical Hair Products

It's not something that anyone can be blamed for, but the fact remains that advertising of swanky hair products holds great temptations for teenagers and adults alike. The upside of these products is that they make the hair look great and accentuate the hairstyle,
but these products cause long-lasting damage to hair which is often irreparable, unless given a new haircut which removes the damaged portions permanently. However, the problems gets trickier when it's the scalp and the hair roots or follicles which have borne the maximum damage.
In cases such as these, recovery takes longer. Chemical products such as hair colors, permanent hair dyes, hair gels, leave on conditioners and serums add up to cause several hair problems such as hair fall, split ends, breakage, scanty hair growth, hair thinning, dandruff, scalp infections, etc.
Firstly, the best way to reduce the hair loss is to completely stop the use of harmful chemically treated hair products immediately. Teenagers must use only basic shampoo and conditioners which have herbal ingredients or those which are meant for daily use and are very mild in nature.

Hair Styles

Often times it happens that teenagers tend to keep changing hairstyles, trying out complicated styles which require intricate braids, twists and hair extensions. Hair fall also occurs when a hairstyle is worn for too long without change.
These include African braids and gelled hair styles such as Mohawks, emo haircut, etc. Some hairstyles require excessive straightening, perming and other hair treatments which too leave behind traces of damage.
It's better to try avoiding hairstyles for which you need to pull and tug at your hair in order to give it a trendy look. Instead opt for simple haircuts which you can accentuate with your attitude and accessories. Try changing you hairstyle every once in a week by switching your hair partition, this will prevent the hair from thinning and causing scanty patches in specific areas of the scalp.

Unhealthy Diet

Often times teenagers tend to ignore nutritious food and instead opt for fast food which is high in fat, salt and low in nourishment. It makes them devoid of essential vitamins and minerals which are needed for general well-being and health.
More prominently, the main reason for teenagers losing hair is because they end up going on diets which they take up, by neither caring to learn more about the diet nor about its long-term side effects.
In order to prevent hair loss in teenagers, parents must ensure that their children eat healthy and receive their fair share of nourishment from fresh vegetables and fruits. They must also keep a check on the types of diet their teenagers are taking up.
If possible try to dissuade them from dieting by making them aware of the side effects. It is very important that the daily diet must include all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbs, all of which is possible only through well planned and nutritious meals.
Teenagers in fact need more food, as compared to adults, which is why they must try to have 7-8 small meals each day

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Teenagers may either be too preoccupied by their looks or they may not care about it in the least. Whichever way, the consequences are harmful for the health.
While there are some teenagers who succumb to peer pressure and thus pick up bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking, which too have a negative impact on the health. For girls who began taking the daily contraceptive pill at an early age, one of the side effects of these pills is a steady weakening of hair and increased hair fall.
A simple way to reverse hair loss is to make necessary changes in lifestyle choices. For instance, teenagers must avoid habits such as smoking, drinking and binging on unhealthy food products. They must make it a point to live in hygienic manner,
which means that they make it a habit to wash their hair after every other day, or at least after every 2 days. Those who wash their hair every day, must try avoiding strong shampoos and conditioners, as these will increase hair fall. Girls must consult their gynecologists for alternative methods of contraception and medication.


Not usually the case, but in some rare cases teenagers lose hair when they are undergoing stress. Stress may induce a scalp condition known as alopecia, wherein hair falls in patches leaving exposed patches of scalp. In other cases, hair fall may occur due to hormonal imbalance or due to the side effects of medications.
The only possible cure for stress is to take everything one at a time and to go slow. This will help you calm down and logically evaluate as to why you are troubled and tensed. Try to relieve some of the tension through simple exercises and meditation. If this is not your cup of tea, find some other fun activities, which you and your friends can do together. Listen to melodic music which you like humming to, or channelize your tension into creative activities, such as sketching, painting, carpentry, or even blogging!

Couch Potato

Teenagers who spend all their free time surfing the net, and playing games online and the computer, end up damaging their overall health.
The lack of exercise and activity, slows down the metabolism, which severely affects the skin, hair, and muscle health and function. Inactivity can decrease or increase the secretion of sebum hormone, which is crucial for hair growth and the pH balance of the scalp.
The only solution is to take time out for exercising on a daily basis. It is imperative that certain outdoor activities are practiced each and every day. This can include going out for a 30-45 minute brisk walk, cycling, playing basketball or other court games. Helping your parents or neighbors with their outdoor chores could also serve the purpose. Small activities such as clearing out the driveway, mowing the lawn, removing the dead leaves from the roof and the backyard/lawn, can be a great workout.
The above mentioned points are some of the prominent causes of hair problems among teenagers and adults alike. Following certain basic precautions which focus on providing adequate nourishment to the body while avoiding harmful hair chemicals, will help increase the hair growth and reduce damage to a large extent.