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How to Shrink Pores

Bidisha Mukherjee
Those who have large pores on face desperately try to find out ways to minimize them in appearance to get a flawless skin. This information regarding the same.
The pores on the skin surface provide useful natural oils to the skin so that it can stay soft and hydrated. They become prominent and visible when they get expanded or infected or clogged by oil released by the glands.
This happens with the accumulation of dirt, oil, and bacteria. Some people are born with thick oily skin which lead to large pores. Others get them as they get older, and the skin loses its natural elasticity.


Actually, there is no such method that can be used to shrink the pores permanently. However, with proper facial-skin care you can make them appear smaller. The given methods will be helpful in this regard:


If the pores get blocked by natural oils, they promote bacterial growth and lead to eruption of pimples. Therefore, thorough cleaning of the face is a must.
Wash your face regularly with a mild cleanser which is suitable for your skin type. Take care not to rub your skin aggressively as it may enlarge the pores. Cleansing should be followed by the application of moisturizer.


This eliminates the dead skin cells from the skin that tend to block the pores. Use a facial scrub with a mild grainy texture on your face. Along with the dead skin, it can extract out oil and dirt lying deep within the skin.
This should be done once a week. This improves the skin texture such that moisturizers and other skin care products may get absorbed well into the skin. Exfoliating scrubs that contain glycolic acid and salicylic acid are more effective.

Facial Mask

A good facial mask may remove dirt and oils from the pores and reduce their size. Put a clay mask on the face and leave it on till it becomes dry. The natural component of clay helps absorb the excess oil from the pores and tighten the skin.

Anti-Aging Creams

As aging is one of the factors that contribute towards formation of large pores, a good quality anti-aging cream can restore the elasticity of the skin. Those creams that contain retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and essential vitamins can rejuvenate the skin in a better manner.


This technique involves the use of abrasive crystals to remove the dead, dry skin and reveal the underlying healthy looking skin. In other words, it can be described as an intense form of exfoliation. It is carried out by a dermatologist.

Home Remedies

The following are a few natural remedies that are used most popularly:

Tomato Juice

Take some tomato juice, and apply it generously all over the face and leave it untouched for about 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with water. You may add some sandalwood powder into the juice for better results.

Natural Face Mask

Prepare a face mask by mixing up one egg white and half teaspoon of lemon juice. Stir the mixture well to form a fluffy lather, and then apply it over the skin. Let it dry till you get a tight feeling and then wash off with cold water.
You need to be extra careful about the kinds of foods that you consume. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants should be included in your diet to prevent the skin from aging. Drink plenty of liquids to keep the skin hydrated. Exposure to sun may damage the pores. Therefore, apply a sunblock and wear a hat while going out in the sun.
Disclaimer: This content is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.