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How to Shampoo Your Hair The Right Way

Frizzy or greasy hair making you believe that you're not shampooing your hair correctly? Read some hair care tips and learn how you to shampoo your hair properly.
Kalpana Kumari
You might have observed how your hair looks fab after certain washes and drab after others. But then you tell yourself it's nothing to worry about. You're using the same shampoo, wash your hair for just the same time, and always use the same conditioner.
So, what's wrong? Well, most of us underestimate the process of shampooing our hair. What's there to it? Wet your hair, shampoo it, wash it off, condition it, wash that off too ... right? Well ... not really. But before you understand the process, let's first choose our tools correctly, by which we mean, choose the correct shampoo first.

Knowing Which Shampoo is Meant For You ...

The number of shampoos available in the market is not even funny. Choosing the right shampoo will do 60% of the job in maintaining your hair's health, and in turn, its texture.
Therefore, find your hair type first, and then search for a shampoo that is specifically designed to clean, protect, and nourish it. If you are not sure about your hair type, visit a salon and take help from a professional to determine it. Most manufacturers/companies manufacture specific shampoos for specific hair types. This makes your search easier.
Here are some recommendations:
☞ Extra body formula does a good job on normal and fine hair.
☞ Oily formula works good for oily hair and a greasy scalp.
☞ Dry formula is suitable for coarse and rough hair, that has a frizzy appearance.
☞ A combination formula is meant to be used on hair that is oily at the roots but dry at the ends.
If you have colored or straightened hair, the shampoo you should use will depend on the products you have used for coloring/straightening your hair. Completely colored hair will require a shampoo that is different from one that is needed for hair that has a few highlights. Preferably use a conditioner of the same company.

How to Go About Shampooing your Hair

Leave your hair untied the night before shampooing it. This is necessary, as it allows your hair to respire well; all the dirt, oil, and other build up is let loose. This makes our cleaning task easier.
Rinse your hair well with plenty of water. Use water that is lukewarm, neither too hot nor too cold. Make sure that all the strands of your hair are wet and so is your scalp.
Take a dime-size amount of shampoo. Apply it on your hair and rub it with a small amount of water for about 40 seconds. Lather will be produced. If the quantity of oil and dirt in your hair is too much, the amount of lather formed may be less.
Once you are done with the rubbing, rinse your hair well with plenty of water. Ensure that there is no greasiness or lather in your hair and scalp.
The part of shampooing hair is meant only to remove oil and dirt. This step may or may not wash your hair well. Therefore, always go for a second wash. Take a small amount of shampoo, almost equal to the amount you took before. Rub it with water on your hair for half a minute.
In this step, lots of lather is expected to form. Make sure that all the strands of your hair, and your scalp are covered by the lather. Wash it off with plenty of water. Keep rubbing and rinsing till a time you feel no greasiness.
Now, apply a conditioner and let it stay in your hair for 2-3 minutes. Make sure you don't apply the conditioner on your scalp, but only on your hair. Again, rinse your hair well.
A great tip to ensure the health of your hair for a long time is not to leave even a small amount of shampoo, conditioner, or any other chemical on your hair. They react with hair protein in presence of heat and sunlight, and damage your hair over time. Choose to cover your hair in the sun.