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How to Sew in Weave Smoothly and Easily

Puja Lalwani
Hair weaves are one of the best and safe temporary hair extension options. Learn how to sew in weaves and keep up with the trendiest hairstyles, without having to disturb your natural hair!
Hair weaves have come as a boon, for women wanting to change their appearance temporarily. From short hair to long, or just a different hairstyle, this can help you achieve the look you want, with hair extensions, without disturbing your natural locks.
It is also a good way of covering up thinning hair, as they are also meant to add volume to the hair. They are also a stronger option than wigs. One of the many hair weaving techniques is tracking or sewing in weave. To be able to do it yourself, follow these instructions on how to sew in weave.


Before you begin, decide what kind of hair you are looking for. Human hair, though slightly expensive, is a better option than synthetic hair, as it has a more natural appearance, and is long-lasting as compared to synthetic hair.
1. To begin with, wash your hair thoroughly, followed by conditioning. This will clear the hair of collected oils, and enable you to have a long-lasting hair weave. Blow dry your hair, or just leave it to dry naturally.
2. To sew in weave tracks, your hair will have to be braided, though some will have to be left open to hide the weave. Before you do this, decide the kind of hair style you would like to flaunt.
3. If you want to use it with bangs, take a square or round part in the front of your hair according to the desired length, about 1 inch from your original hairline and tie it up so it doesn't come in the way. Ensure that you leave some hair, after you have parted the bangs, to cover up the hair weave.
4. Begin braiding your hair into cornrows, right to the back of the head. Braid the hair tight, but not too tight as it can lead to hair loss.
5. If you have short hair and are unable to braid proper cornrows, use hair extensions to braid them well. This will strengthen them and allow for a better technique. Once you braid at least ten cornrows, braid them all together at the ends, and tie them, or preferably, sew them together.
6. You will require a curved hair-weaving needle, and a good quality hair weaving thread. Place the track in the desired part, and begin to sew below the weave to hide its seams. The technique is to push the needle below the cornrow, and through the track, and pull tight enough for it to stay in place.
Proceed with the same technique all over. To strengthen this, sew over the same track at least twice. Knot the thread at the ends tightly. Don't make too many knots as it also has to be removed. Also, be careful not to hurt your scalp while using the needle.
7. Another option is to use bond glue, by pressing the track for about 15 seconds, on the seams, where it has been sewn into the cornrow. Set the glue by directing a hair dryer on the cold setting, to the necessary areas.
8. Look for exposed scalp. Use additional hair weave to cover it up using the same techniques.
9. To sew in weave with a part, section off the desired part, by parting your hair and tying up the natural hair. Repeat the same steps required.
10. This can be styled at the salon, as per your choice.
Take care of your hair by oiling it regularly. Braiding the hair can cause the scalp to become tender, and oiling will help soothe the tenderness.
Even though it is a hair extension, ensure that you follow the normal hair care procedure, to maintain your new look. Now that you know how to sew in weave, choose your hairstyle for the season, and flaunt it with panache!