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How to Reverse Hair Loss

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
There are several reasons for hair loss both in men and women. However, by practicing some very simple remedies such as having a proper diet, drinking lots of water, and doing yoga can make a lasting effect.
A hair in the head is worth two in the brush. ~ Oliver Herford

In Men

Pattern of hair loss and its reason differ significantly in both the sexes. Men are genetically programmed to experience it after they cross a certain age. The culprit is the male steroid hormone testosterone, an excess of which leads to thinning of hair on the head, but encourages hair growth everywhere else on the body. Actually, it is not testosterone itself, but its metabolized form DHT, i.e., dihydrotestosterone.
Since testosterone is the principal male sex hormone and is normally found in more quantities in men than women, this makes men somewhat predisposed to alopecia and hair thinning than women. Balding is one of the testosterone side effects that men just cannot run away from. Add hereditary baldness running through generations, and there you cannot do much about it, except some medical treatments.
However, there are natural ways by which you can at least slow down the recession of your hairline, if not completely prevent it. Here are certain solutions which, if taken note of, could postpone the chrome dome effect.

Watch what Goes in

Avoiding caffeine, fast food, junk and deep-fried food items, and reducing alcohol intake can go a long way in stopping the damage where it is. Including food items rich in proteins, vitamin B, iron, calcium and other essential minerals, strengthens hair roots and improves circulation which in turn results in reduced hair fall and also encourages new hair growth. Drinking lots of water, juices, and other healthy natural fluids can keep your system well hydrated and detoxified.

Dump the Cancer Stick

Smoking is one of the foremost causes of hair loss and wrinkles. As the tar and nicotine eat you from within, this externally manifests as loss of hair, wrinkles and yellowing of skin, stained teeth.

Been Playin' too much Lately?

It has been scientifically proven that the more testosterone gets metabolized into DHT, the more you'll lose that crop on your head. When you indulge in self-stimulation, it triggers this testosterone-to-DHT metabolism more than the normal range, leading to increased instances of hair fall.
Besides these general observations, men can also take refuge of DHT inhibiting medications, but do make sure to consult a specialist before going for it. Also, the lesser chemicals you use on your hair, the less they'll fall.

In Women

It would be wrong to say that women do not lose hair as frequently as men do. It's just that the quantity lost is normally way lesser than men. The reasons for this condition in women are manifold ― loss of nutrition, decreased estrogen levels after giving birth or when on the pill, frequent or harsh parlor treatments, extreme hair styling, going on fad diets, etc. Here are some very general remedies that women should practice.

Eat right

Make sure you include enough protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A, B and C and other essential minerals in your diet. Starving yourself to lose weight or going on fad diets may wreak havoc to your body's nutrition absorption capabilities, and your hair and skin are the first places where the ill effects of such nutritional disruptions show.

Stay Well-quenched

Water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, milk, buttermilk, consuming such natural and healthy fluids contribute towards the health and detoxification of your entire system and the effect can be seen in the form of lustrous hair and glowing skin.

Stub out the Stogs

Tobacco doesn't discriminate. No matter what age, social rung, profession, race or gender you belong to; smoking remains bad for all. And ladies wouldn't want to invite those wrinkles and gray locks as a result of smoking, when they are still in their prime.

Loosen up

Avoid tying tight ponytails or braids at all costs. Style your hair simply, so that both the strands as well as the scalp are relaxed.
In case this condition is hormone induced (increased testosterone levels or decreased estrogen levels), it's best to consult a specialist and religiously stick to the prescribed course, however, reasons can also be genetic. The medications are more or less the same for both men and women, as the aim is to lower testosterone metabolism. Apart from these measures, remaining stress free works great.
For all of these measures to have any noticeable effect, the most important requirement is patience. You cannot expect to see positive results for a condition, which is as rooted as deep as your hormones or which has occurred owing to years of neglect and maltreatment. The first measure that you need to adopt is to completely abstain from intense parlor treatments and harsh chemicals. Keep your hair clean at all times, but use herbal cleansing products or natural cleansing agents such as soap nut as much as possible.
One of the most important thing that all men and women need to incorporate in their daily routine is exercise. Since proper blood circulation plays a huge part in encouraging growth of new hair follicles and nourishing hair roots; indulging in some light exercise like yoga or aerobics for as little as 15-20 minutes a day has long-standing effects on hair growth.