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How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Use simple, inexpensive home remedies, devoid of any side effects to remove dark circles under eyes.
Parul Solanki
Although typically associated with late nights and stress, dark circles under eyes can be caused by a range of factors. The common causes of are hereditary factors, age, overexposure to the sun, lack of nutrients in the diet, lack of sleep, and certain chronic diseases.
While there are a number of cosmetic products that are advertised as being a beneficial cure for dark circle, truth is that not many of these products work to remove the under eye discoloration. To remove these discolored under eye circles, you need to take into consideration the causes.

Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Naturally

While modern research has formulated a combination of compounds and botanicals that can eliminate dark circles under eyes, these eye creams are expensive and may actually result in puffiness around eyes. Using home remedies is your best bet against the unsightly dark circles. Moreover, these methods are healthy, safe, and do not cause any ugly side effects.
✜ Sleep for at least eight hours a day to keep the dark circles at bay. Staying up late nights and stress are one of the major culprits of the under eye circles. Proper rest and sleep is one of the best cures for eye bags.
✜ Eliminate the possibility of allergies such as those caused by foods, chemicals, and environmental factors. Prescription medications and removal of the allergens can help reduce the dark circles effectively.
✜ The under eye skin tissue is one of the thinnest in the entire body. A lack of water and dehydration results in the skin looking taut and the appearance of the blue and black dark circles. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and the skin supple and smooth.
✜ A healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products plays a major role in the reducing the puffy eyes and the dark circles around them. Avoid excess sugar and salt in the diet as it can result in fluid retention around the eyes.
✜ Place slices of cucumber and potato over the eyes for about 15 minutes to reduce the puffiness and remove the dark circles under eyes naturally.
✜ Cooling mint leaves can be crushed and applied around the eyes to reduce the eye bags. Grated cucumber is also an effective remedy for dark circles.
✜ A bleaching mixture made by mixing equal parts of lemon juice with tomato juice is beneficial for the dark circles. Apply this mixture under the eyes and leave it for ten minutes or so. Wash off with cold water. This remedy can be used two times a day to reduce the stubborn dark circles.
✜ Almond powder mixed with milk is a good under eye mask. Mix the ingredients together and apply it under the eyes. Leave it overnight and then wash off with cold water.
✜ Almond oil massaged around the eyes increases the blood circulation and helps reduce the darkness around the eyes in less than a couple of weeks.
✜ One of the best remedies for dark circles and puffiness around the eyes is the use of tea water. Boil the tea and strain the liquid. Allow the liquid to cool before placing them in ice trays. Use the tea ice cubes by placing them in a cotton cloth and applying it to the eyes.
✜ The skin under the eyes is sensitive to the harsh rays of the sun. Make sure that you have sunglasses on before stepping out of the house.
In addition to these home remedies, supplementing your diet with vitamins, and reducing the alcohol as well as smoking are effective ways of keeping the eye bags in control.
If you want to opt for under eye creams, then look for those with ingredients like vitamin C or K, alpha hydroxy acid, and kinetin. Some under eye concealers also help in hiding the dark circles and leave you looking rejuvenated and fresh.