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How to Regrow Hairline

Madhura Pandit
Regrowing hair on a receding hairline is possible with the help of natural methods. Here are tips and techniques to regrow hairline naturally.
Hair loss or having a receding hairline is quite a major concern for young people all over the world. A receding hairline is usually seen in older men. However, due to several factors and changes in lifestyle, a receding hairline is also found in younger men which can be a cause of worry.
Factors like stress, having an erratic lifestyle, improper diet habits, smoking, etc., can lead to hair loss. Among all the reasons, having a diet lacking in proteins and vitamins is found to be one of the most common causes as these nutrients are very essential for natural hair growth.
Secondly, stress and using chemical-based hair care products can also lead to hair loss and receding hairline in men.

How to Regrow a Receding Hairline

Most of the aforementioned causes of premature receding hairline can be overcome and the condition can be reversed.


Diet plays an important role in causing hair loss and leading to damage of hair. One needs to have a balanced and nutritious diet in order to prevent hair loss and stop hair from receding further.
You should have a high protein diet to regrow hair naturally. Fish, meat and chicken, beans, eggs, milk, etc., are some of the high protein containing foods to be included in the diet.


If you do not get adequate amounts of nutrients from your diet, you can consult your doctor and go for multivitamins or protein supplements. There are several brands and types of nutritional supplements available in the market that are effective.

Proper Hair care

Proper hair care is a must for sideways and frontal hairline regrowth. You should oil and massage the scalp regularly with warm coconut oil or olive oil. Secondly, you should avoid using harsh or chemical based shampoos and go for natural and milder ones. Similarly, a proper hair care therapy once every month is a must for hair regrowth treatment.

Reduce Stress

Stress is found to be a major cause of hair loss in younger men and women. So, reducing stress is very important. It can be reduced with self-help techniques like practicing yoga and meditation, pursuing a hobby, spending time with your loved ones, etc.

Use Medications

Medications like Rogaine, Finasteride, etc., are widely used for regrowing hair. You can consult your doctor about it and take the medication only after proper consultation. Secondly, cosmetic treatments like laser can also be used as a hair loss solution. However, this treatment is expensive as compared to aforementioned natural processes.
Knowing the underlying cause of hair loss is essential for reversing it. Lastly, remember that having a proper diet and healthy lifestyle will help in keeping premature hair loss at bay. Take care!
Disclaimer: This content is meant only to provide information. It is not to be used as a substitute for doctor's advice and consultation.