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How to Reduce Ruddy Complexion

Shruti Bhat
Ruddy complexion can be a beauty dilemma. It causes the skin to turn red, which can lead to discomfort and irritation.

Useful Tip

Use a honey mask, once a week, on your ruddy and sensitive skin. It will help the skin retain moisture and soothe the irritation.
Let's face it, not all of us are born with flawless skin and perfect complexion and skin tone. Many of us suffer from skin problems like excessive tanning, acne, dry or oily skin, so on and so forth. One such problem is a ruddy complexion. At times, ruddy skin is prone to irritation and excessive redness.
Ruddy, as you must have guessed, means red, so it is obvious that a ruddy complexion sometimes looks like flushed cheeks or even patches of inflamed acne-like skin. If not treated properly and with care, it can lead to rosacea, which can further lead to permanent changes in its appearance.

Ways to Reduce Ruddy Complexion

Hereditary ruddy complexion and/or rosacea have different dermatological treatments all together.

Consult a Professional

A doctor and/or a dermatologist will be able to ascertain the exact cause of the crimson flares, enabling him/her to prescribe the correct treatment. He/She will also check for symptoms of any other skin diseases or conditions that might be triggering your blush.
There can be varied causes for your ruddy complexion, it can due to stress, alcohol abuse, an allergic reaction to a new product, side-effects to a medication, exposure to the harsh sun, not wearing sunblock, etc. If ruddy skin is caused due to excessive drinking or substance abuse, it is suggested that you seek help and quit the addiction.

Home Remedies and Products

✦ Wash your face with green tea and oats cleanser which contains antihistamine. Watch out for the acid contained in cosmetics.
✦ Use products that contain ingredients like licorice root extract, rose, ginger, or cucumber. These ingredients help keep the skin cool.
✦ Choose a sunblock that has an SPF above 30 and contains zinc-oxide or titanium-dioxide.
✦ Place a washcloth soaked in ice-cold milk on your ruddy complexion. The proteins, fats, acids, and vitamins present in the milk help sooth the redness.

Follow a Healthy Diet

✦ Avoid alcohol consumption, especially red wine. Alcohol dehydrates the body and skin, and alcohol intake will flare-up you ruddy skin color.
✦ Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, etc. Choose foods that are rich in omega 3.
✦ Avoid spicy food. Blander the food the better―this should be your new motto. Hot beverages too can flare up the crimson hue of your skin. Hard cheeses and foods that release histamines, or foods that contain MSG, are a big no-no.

Some Handy Tips

✦ Always cover your skin with a soft cotton or cashmere to protect it from the harsh sun, weather, and pollution.
✦ Use a concealer or foundation that has a greenish undertone. This will neutralize your skin tone and make it appear normal. Avoid using those which have a pink or reddish undertone, it may give your skin a lobster-like reddish hue. However, you need to remember that wearing makeup for a long time can clog your pores and cause further irritation and breakouts.
✦ Use makeup that has a mineral base. Avoid heavy foundation and creams and earthy palettes.
Depending on the severity of the ruddiness, the doctor may prescribe creams and medication. In case of any side-effects, consult the doctor before self-medication or stopping the treatment entirely.


This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.