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How to Put on Mascara

A mascara helps accentuate the eyes and makes the lashes look full of life. Learn how to put on mascara with some simple steps mentioned in this story.
Sheetal Mandora
Many women get frustrated with how their mascara looks from time to time. Due to the occasional clumps that get left behind on the eyelashes, the whole makeup can be ruined because of simple errors in execution. So instead of having to deal with cake-like mascara on your gorgeous lashes, go through the following guidelines for a stress-free application every time.

Pick the Right Mascara

The first rule of makeup-always use good quality brands. Inferior quality products not only expire quickly, but can be harmful as well. So make sure you buy products from a trusted makeup manufacturer like MAC, Estée Lauder, L'Oreal, Revlon, Urban Decay, Maybelline, CoverGirl, etc.
So take your time in the beauty aisle when you are picking a mascara for yourself. A waterproof mascara is the one of the best picks as it provides more length and volume. Select a shade darker than your lashes because it will give a more defined appearance.
For example, if you natural hair color is blonde, choose a brown-colored mascara. And as for women with black or brunette hair, go with a black-colored mascara.

Curl, Curl, Curl those Lashes

There are women who are blessed with curled eyelashes, but alas, not all of us are so lucky. And that's why humankind invented the eyelash curler. Read the directions on how to use an eyelash curler properly before you start. You don't want to hurt your eyes or pluck out your lashes now, right?!

Now Comes the Application

Concentrate on the top lashes first as it is the easiest to color. Start at the base and slowly apply the mascara, moving the wand upward. This will leave your lashes with a good base coat. But make sure you don't apply more than one layer. If the mascara is not giving the right coat in one application, then you need to discard the one you have, and go purchase a new one.
Now come the bottom lashes. Keep a folded tissue paper underneath your bottom lashes. Vertically hold the wand and just touch your lashes. This will give you a natural look rather than a "spiky" looking lashes. For an intense look, you can do more than one coats on your bottom lashes.
Try not to hold the wand horizontally, as it will leave smudge marks under the eyes. If you wish to avoid this, there's a trick to make your lower lashes look more defined, without making them look heavy-apply a coat of dark brown mascara over your bottom lashes instead of black mascara.

Separate those Lashes

Buy an eyelash separator brush, if you don't have one as it works wonders. Trust me ladies, you won't regret it. Be as gentle as possible and carefully separate the lashes that have clumped together. For a safe application, read the directions on how to use this brush before you use it.
While removing the mascara, use an oil-based mascara remover. This way, you will avoid pulling or tugging on them. Not all brands are made alike and their end results are always different from one another. Try different brands before you settle for the one that suits you best.