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How to Prevent Wrinkles

Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Given below are tips on how to prevent wrinkles and keep them at bay for good. Use these tips to look younger naturally.
Most of us want to stay eighteen forever. Very few of us want to grow old. But surely, none of us want to look old. Yes, sagging skin, wrinkles, hair loss―nobody wants to go through that. So what can you do to get beautiful skin and keep wrinkles at bay? True, not everyone ages gracefully, but there are certain measures that can be taken to prevent wrinkles.
But, like they say, nothing worth having ever comes easy. The only way to keep wrinkles at bay is by religiously practicing a skin care routine. You need to continuously care for your skin, and keep doing so for life, if you want young-looking skin.

Natural Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Avoid Crash Dieting

You've probably been told a million times to not go in for drastic weight loss methods. However, what you don't know is how the body gets affected by a sudden cut in nutrients. When a person goes on a crash diet, she tends to exclude a lot of vital elements from his diet.
This leads to a lot of problems like low energy levels, irritability, hair loss, etc. Also, when a person suddenly loses a lot of weight, the skin tends to become loose. This skin then sags, which leads to wrinkles.

Diet and Lifestyle

You can prevent wrinkles by maintaining a proper diet. Well, you'll be surprised to know that diet plays a vital role in prevention of wrinkles. They say that you are what you eat. Have food that is nutritious and more importantly, rich in antioxidants.
This includes fruits and vegetables like carrot, broccoli, grapes, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, and whole grains. Also, green tea is said to be very good for skin and is even considered to be one of the home remedies for wrinkles.
Besides diet, lifestyle plays an important role too. You need to have at least six to eight hours of sleep to let your body completely rest and unwind after a tiring day. Also, always sleep on your back.
This is because sleeping on your face can lead to sleep lines, which could eventually transcend into wrinkles. Of course, sleeping adequately does not mean you don't get out of bed. You also need to do some kind of physical exercise during the day, so that you can perk up your metabolism and keep your energy levels high.
Also, if you're a chronic smoker, then unless you quit smoking, you can kiss beautiful skin goodbye. Premature wrinkling is a common find in chronic smokers.
A regular routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the skin goes a long way. Skin moisturizers will help to plump up any sagging, thus, making the skin appear firmer.